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  1. Looks like a nice clean example, congrats on the new addition. As for the tassel, good luck. They seem to be getting harder to find a good example.
  2. That is a good looking addition you have there. Congrats on the new addition to your collection and to the world of Type 95 swords. Yours looks real clean, did you add the tassel or did the sword come with it?
  3. Welcome to the forum, Nice example you picked up. Your sword has numbers that are close to mine 69022.
  4. Good looking sword you got, welcome. Your numbers on your sword are not to far from mine.
  5. And be sure to pass the history of the sword on, you could even put it to paper so it can go with the sword so the history of it is not lost. Once a family member passes you cant go back and ask again. Looks like an excellent example as said above.
  6. Wow, there are some good looking blades in this thread. Thanks everyone for sharing the pictures and knowledge, I learn something every time I log on.
  7. Hello, 


    I also am just outside Charleston in Summerville.

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    2. Smee78




      That's quite a bit of selling ya got going on there. You got any price ranges you looking at? Ya never know, you may have something cheap enough I can afford lol.

    3. DTM72


      One tanto is out for polish, but should be back at the end of October. Once I get it in the new saya, and new tsuka, that one will be around $1250. Another tanto is Late edo period (1850-1865), in good polish with tan and brown ratan tsuka and saya is $650. Another tanto is in full koshirae with good to very good polish. (Sorry no pics of that one). That will be $1000. Lastly, I have a O-tanto or small wakizashi in old polish, showing a lot of age but clear hamon and hada. It has is in a nice older saya with a new tsuka. That one is $600. I have a yari with a beautifully painted saya. I plan to make a pole for it, but without pole it is $450. After mounting on a pole, price will be higher. Lastly I have a NBTHK papered wakizashi in perfect polish and NBTHK papered koshirae as well. That one is $1500. 

      Tanto 1a.jpg

      Yari 1a.jpg

      Yari 1b.jpg

    4. Smee78


      Nices pieces your selling.






      That's quite a bit of selling ya got going on there. You got any price ranges you looking at? Ya never know, you may have something cheap enough I can afford lol.

  8. Welcome to the board Dan. I don't know anything about the sword but look forward to hearing more about it.
  9. Those are some interesting looking blades, I hope you continue to take care of them. They were likely covered in cosmoline and that's why they were so protected all these years.
  10. Those are some interesting looking mon. Thanks to everyone who shared theirs, never seems to be and end to what you learn on this board.
  11. That is a good looking sword, I am guilty of paying a little to much for one item in a group if there is something in it I really want. I guess it all comes out in the wash.
  12. Wow, that is an interesting read Dave. Thanks for sharing, I must of missed it the first time it was posted.
  13. Wow, I was not familiar with the types 7 or 8 for the type 95 swords. Kiipu thanks for the link to that thread, great info on it. OP congrats on the new sword, looks like an excellent way start to your collection. Be sure to do a lot of reading and study up on the subject, there are a lot of fakes out there. Good Luck.
  14. Wow Bruce, sorry to hear ya got faked. Glad you were able to get some what of a deal worked out. I cant wait to see the good ones you did get. Thanks for sharing your lesson with us. I know I'm still learning a lot, even from mistakes of others.
  15. Bruce, that looks like a pair of snap ring pliers. Mac, If the project keeps your dad busy then the money spent was well worth it. Hope he has fun doing the work he enjoys.
  16. That is a great post with a lot of information. Thanks for the work.
  17. Wow, that is amazing that they just throw them in a pile and say "here we go" ???
  18. At first glance it looks real good but the devil is in the details. This is a nice example and alot better than most of the fakes. +1 for Bruce and I agree with Shamsy (Patina and things like serial ranges and small manufacturing differences will be the way to judge swords in the future).
  19. I agree with Bruce, its a beauty. If money was unlimited,I would own a shrine sword lol.
  20. And that was why I came here first . It seemed strange like something was off but again I haven't learned enough to know for sure yet. Thanks guys for the conformation and the reasoning why. Reading post like these helps me learn a lot, thanks Ray for the link.
  21. Any help yall can give would be great, I have not even gotten into studying anything but the Military swords. I'm also out of town right now and am away from the 2 books I have, so as of right now I have nothing to go on. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the board and spend most of my time in the Military Sword section but have come across a sword that I don't know anything about. The seller claims its a WWII Japanese officers gunto samurai bonsi sword. Unsigned in good condition, leather scabbard, ray skin handle, silk woven grip, brass tsuba. Faint tempra line. 39” in total length. I am still trying to learn about these swords but there is so much to cover so I was told by a fellow MilitarySword board member to ask the experts over in this section.
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