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  1. Thank you both for the reply! Here is a link with a few more pics of the scabbard showing the paint. Grey, thanks for identifying the maker, I have lots of reading to do. That paint sure looks like a close match, almost ivory in color. Thanks again guys, Tom https://imgur.com/a/o0PvDkm
  2. Hello and good evening. I was directed to your site by a gentleman on the falfiles. I am a amateur historian and enjoy collecting items of interest from the Second World War. I picked up this sword the other day. I believe it to be a mid to late war type 98 officers sword. The pin (I understand I am not using proper Japanese sword terminology and apologize in advance) that hold the handle on came out without to much difficulty. The handle came off after 15-20 good wacks to the back of my hand. The scabbard has been painted white and in places green can be seen under the white paint. It appears as though the scabbard (wood by the way) was painted and then the hardware was applied. The blade appears to have some attempted polishing at some point. Under the handle is a significant amount of rust. The only markings I can see are the kanji characters. I have a link to a few pictures. I have the following few questions. 1. Is it legit? 2. Any idea on the white scabbard? The pain appears to be an older enamel. 3. Any idea on the characters as to a date of manufacture? I appreciate any responses in advance and thank you for allowing me to join your community. Tom https://imgur.com/a/8MWqQId
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