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  1. Thanks Dan, I will keep an eye out for a copy.
  2. Ya a cut down mystery sword lol. Ebay does not surprise me anymore. $400-$1400 in the last few minutes, thats about right. I do like the shipping bamboo tube though.
  3. Thanks Dan, I have picked up the Fuller book Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 and one other book thus far, I'm reading as much as I can. I understand about "but when my wife is in the giving mood (rare these days)" I'm wondering what this "gift" will cost me lol?
  4. That is an interesting example Steve. I would have a hard time on that blade with my limited knowledge.
  5. If I wasn't saving up to build a work shop I would be all over this. Good luck with your sale.
  6. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New year! I got new reading material for Christmas, Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 by Fuller, Richard
  7. Just out of curiousity what was the fake going for?
  8. Thanks Steve for the information. I will apply what I have learned.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a screw and nut for a Type 95 NCO Shin Gunto handle where the peg is. I need the smaller nut and screw, not the bigger one at the bottom of the handle by the end cap / lanyard loop.
  10. So now that I have a sword, what is the best way to care for it? I saw a few different recommendiations about sewing machiene oil and cloths like a micro fiber cloth to wipe it down to keep i clean. So what are the best preservation practices for a sword like these?
  11. Interesting blade, I like it. What decoration is that under the wrap?
  12. Thanks Dave for your "nerdy" imputs. I appreciate it.
  13. Thank you everybody for the wealth of information that has been shared. Brian thanks for the markings explanation, and I like your 2nd theory about where the stamps came from, it make sense to me. Austus, I've been a smith all my life, its my last name lol!
  14. Thanks for the clarification, I will keep an eye out. As for the screw, I have seen a few on ebay as kits but they appear new stuff. Who knows mabye I will get lucky and find one?
  15. Thanks JP, I will post a WTB here and hope to find one. I have read about Showa 22 and Monkey and don't like guys like them so I will try to stay away from them. Thanks for the tip.
  16. Thats great news to hear everyone, I look forward to taking care of this piece of history. I will keep an eye out for a replacement screw set just to complete it, I would like to find an original and not a repop so any tips on finding an original? And yes I will thank my wife for such an awesome gift. Yes, the number from the blade matches the number on the scabbard. Austin, do you have a number range that these were made in? I would love to be able to put some type of date to this sword.
  17. Thanks Vajo, That's interesting that you found an inscription as well, does anyone know if this was common practice during the time? The middle initial on this example is had to read, could be an X or M, its just hard to tell. The best part for me is I also am a Smith so it just adds to the interest for me.
  18. What is the difference between the four cannon ball Tokyo Artillery Arsenal and the Army Arsenal Kokura Factory trademarks? I'm also guessing the Tokyo stamp to be in the middle and the last to be the dash flower unknown from Brian's post.
  19. Hello everyone, So its been an iteresting few weeks for me, I just started down my path to learning about Nihonto after seeing a few swords that a friend had shown me. I had taken an interest in the non traditional Type 95 NCO swords (as a retired USAF NCO they held some interest to me and are more in my price range). I had a few swords saved in my Ebay favorites (I know, I know) just because they had a lot of pictures and was using them to compare to the information I was learning here. Well my wife saw them and thought she would surprise me with one for Christmas, well she purchased one gave it to me yesterday because she was so excited and could not wait. The one she purchased from the list was listed as a WW2 ORIGINAL Japanese TYPE 95 NCO SWORD KATANA SHIN GUNTO AND MATCHING SCABBARD. Condition is Good, blade is very bright, Scabbard and hilt show typical war wear. Numbers match, nicely marked. The dealer has a 30 day return policy so that is a plus if its not what it seems to be, so I would like to get the boards opinion as to the real or fake status of this sword. It is missing its top retaining screw and nut and has a piece of bamboo/chop stick in its place. I also found (not listed in the auction) a light engraving on the Saya with S/Sgt Carl M Smith.
  20. Wow, thanks for IDing scum like this, I know I saw something about him in another thread but wow. I really cant stand people that try to decieve people intentionally. I hope he gets his some day. This is why I am hesitant about buying my first sword. Thanks again.
  21. That would be great as I'm interested in a Type 95 NCO and would love to have a great reading spot with alot of information. I will go ahead and thank everyone ahead of time for all of there hard work.
  22. Hello everyone, I'm Ron I'm from Summerville, SC and I'm new to the world of Nihonto. I have an older friend who has a few swords and it has gotten me interested in getting one of my own. I look forward to learning alot and hope not to bug yall with silly questions. As for now I am reading an much as I can in the hopes to gain some knowledge, I have a copy of The Samuri Sword by John Yumoto and another book on the way. Thanks, Ron
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