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  1. Welcome Victor, I always find it interesting to see where these swords end up. I would expect to find more German WW2 items than Pacific WW2 items? Interesting sword, glad you shared it with us.
  2. What a way to enter into Nihonto, congrats on the new additions. Four swords all at once with different character, did the previous care taker have any stories for any of the swords?
  3. Wow, That is very interesting. I guess I learned something new again, every time I get on the board I seem to learn new interesting things about Nihonto. So does anyone have any ideas on why they would darken the fittings on these swords?
  4. I like the Hamon, looks like an interesting blade. Interesting engraving on it. You must of been good to get that in your stocking, congrats on the addition.
  5. So a family blade in military mounts? Either way I like it, looks to be in great condition.
  6. Hello Steve, Welcome to the forum, I would love to see more pictures of the whole sword. Glad you were able to get both the Nambu and the sword as a package. I'm right down the road in Summerville.
  7. Good point Mark, I have seen a one like that also.
  8. The cosmoline could of crept down into the handle area and then resolidified. You may need to place the sword in the sun for a while for it to warm up to get things loose?
  9. Cosmoline is the devils work lol. I have been cleaning it off of mil surplus weapons for years, it is slow going what ever you use but really protects everything its on. You may find another surprise when you remove the sword from the sheath each time. Be careful with goof off, it can wipe paint off of cabinets, ask me how I know.... I cant wait to see the blade once you get the blade disassembled and taken apart, $400 sounds like a great find.
  10. Looks like a nice clean example, congrats on the new addition. As for the tassel, good luck. They seem to be getting harder to find a good example.
  11. That is a good looking addition you have there. Congrats on the new addition to your collection and to the world of Type 95 swords. Yours looks real clean, did you add the tassel or did the sword come with it?
  12. Welcome to the forum, Nice example you picked up. Your sword has numbers that are close to mine 69022.
  13. Good looking sword you got, welcome. Your numbers on your sword are not to far from mine.
  14. And be sure to pass the history of the sword on, you could even put it to paper so it can go with the sword so the history of it is not lost. Once a family member passes you cant go back and ask again. Looks like an excellent example as said above.
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