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  1. I honestly have no clue what this is. I was checking african sword knives and such, and saw this, which at first i almost discarded as a cheap souvenir thing, but the blade looked nothing as how the blades on these swords look, in fact it seemed to have the shape of a Japanese blade? shinogi-zukuri. So i asked for more photos close up, and they look ugly. The blade is real filthy and seems to have been used to cut fruit on a backyard. But this aside, the ura side the blade is flat? I have heard of these blades with a flat side, but the are usually on shobu zukuri blades and on the omote side? Seller says he bought it on belgium, In any case its probably nothing but it bugged me a bit so i would like to share this thing and hear some thoughts Cheers
  2. I bought 3 tsuba on march 20 from a ebay seller in Japan, on April 4 he sent the next: Yesterday i contacted him to know if there were updates and told me Japan Post stopped shipping on April 24 and that currently are preparing to ship with UPS and DHL, Another purchase i had no news from the seller so i cancelled and got a refund. Unlucky situation
  3. It's not a real sword, is a movie prop
  4. Quick fact: Katsumoto's sword prop on ''The Last Samurai (2002)'' has a tsuba based on this famous motif:
  5. If you need any more pics let me know, If you wanto to make an offer don't hesitate, Many thanks!
  6. Good evening nmb, hope you are having happy holidays, In need of some spare money so i offer these pieces for sale, 1º Higo Tsuba, utushi from Meiji period? , surface beautifully worked, Very similar to an example made by 1st master Shimizu Jinbei. Has a weathered appearance with the soft metal worked in a very similar way to iron works. Price: 200e 2º Signed Ko Shoami tsuba, Iron sukashi tsuba, probably late Muromachi period, Some brass and silver inlays on the mimi, some rust damage Price: 180e 3º Copper Fuchi/Kashira set with rabbits theme, Note a small crack on a ana on the kashira Price: 180e Shipping: 20e + paypal fees Don't hesitate to make an offer!
  7. Dick jokes are older than man itself, wouldn't surprise me
  8. I will never understand how some people can get rid so easily of family heirlooms, that's a real shame, wish you luck with the search, seems impossible as the identifiers could have been removed with time, but more improbable things have happened, do you have more info on the blade?
  9. The style seems Aizu Shoami, edo period, Some characteristics are the theme, shinmaru gata(round shape), both hitsu ana shaped as kogai-ana, foliage inlaid in shakudo and nunome gold details Here are some examples:
  10. On the first one mountains are out of the focus point, the rather simple carving contrast against the complex inlay of the bird on the leaves. And the nunome zogan of the water, that almost seems like reflections, seems like a fair composition to me. The second one is more subtle, more elegant imo, with the way the mountains are done in relief they get a more important role in the composition. You see the mountains raising a bit, some birds on the left, and a little fella on the right, and all this eaten by tha dark patina, that creates a huge sense of a far distance, seems like fog that cover the landscape, and makes you wonder what you can't see. The 3rd one is a different style, is not a kaneieish pictorial approach, but a floral arrangment. It's hard to judge which one has more merit, some might be more complex, others might have more work, and others might have more expression, others might have better composition, all these things must be taken in mind, and it may vary depending on who you ask, some will think that less is more and others will like complexity, i don't know subjetivity and objetive points must be taken in mind or something
  11. Motif is classic higo, also seen in later akasaka, as utushi i don't know the age, meiji, showa?
  12. Ok i see, im kindda relieved, seemed a bit dubious, but the sekigane fooled me, seems to have been mounted, or i guess maybe that was the idea
  13. Someone bought this tsuba on February 5th and on may 16th was sold pretty much dead for half the price. How does that happen? Why? Was it mounted on a iato? But then again it seems really mistreated https://www.ebth.com/items/7924579-mounted-tsuba-with-monkey https://www.ebth.com/items/8492563-caged-monkey-pattern-tsuba
  14. Thanks Jereremi! I quite enjoy to capture some pieces in drawing format, it's nice because while you do it you can discover small details you might have not noticed before
  15. I saw this one with the same motif, i can't remember at all where i saw it, but at least i can show a drawing i made of it
  16. I see, Dwayne was right Many thanks Ray, one question, if it falls, the metal underneath has same patina as the rest of nakago? or may be lighter? Is detrimentral to leave it like that or is aesthetic only?
  17. That could be, blade shows some fukure on the opposite side, seems like an old blade who has lost a lot of meat
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