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  1. Mmm my i think it is a stupid statement... http://iidakoendo.com/4632/ http://iidakoendo.com/3158/ http://iidakoendo.com/438/ http://iidakoendo.com/414/ I think these blade are not mass produced or low quality.
  2. My thought is that hirazukuri long blades are more prone to breakage and bending on a side ...
  3. Thank you jean for the explanation, useful as always.
  4. Something like sudare ba hamon?
  5. This method of tempering is called "hadaka yaki", here a link that explain all the steps http://www.pracownia-japonska.pl/teksty,hadaki-yaki,23.html And this is the page of Sugita Yoshiaki, on the left links there is pics of some beautiful works done with this method. http://www.murakumokai.jp/sugita/sugita-top.htm
  6. I clearly see masame in the ha...especially in the first pics...
  7. There is a guy who own 10000 swords???
  8. dig1982


    Hi, nice blade! In the fifth pics seems that there is sign of a removed mei...or it is only a shadow in the pics?
  9. Jean sorry, i'm not an expert, wich is that age?
  10. For me it is all subjective, for what a sword of 1300 is better of a sword of 1800? Sugata, jigane, hamon, hataraki? But all of these things are subjective. Compare a swordsmith of different period is not the right thing, Fujishiro rating for example is a valutation of swordsmith of the same period and the same school. Old sword maybe are interesting for the historycal period, but someone can prefer newest sword like gendaito or shinsakuto, why give the title of a national living treasure to some swordsmith if their works are not so good? I think everyone must find his own golden age.
  11. But you can wait experts opinions...
  12. Seems an hagire but without the blade in hands is not simple to say for sure, but i see there is on the other side too...watch all the pics of the auction...
  13. I see this blade on ebay, and probably there is an hagire...
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