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  1. There are more genuine antiques present on those pictures than you see in a well-stocked antique-shop 🙂🙂🙂 Jan
  2. What better to read with my morning bowl of porridge, than Piers latest military operations. Tsuyama seems to be a bit of a rain magnet. I remember quite dark clouds and rain, when I visited the place in connection to one of your displays. Very vise move to rest the 50’. Hearing about the power of the new 100’ warms the heart of this ol’ tepponista. Can’t wait to hear it ”live” after this darn pandemic is done with. Interesting piece of insight at the end regarding the amount of effective rounds fired by a matchlock in the rain. Worth keeping in mind when you read about the old battles being fought over several hours. It also strengthen my own opinion that matchlocks were indeed a weapon mostly used as an initial shock-weapon. As you say, after 5-6 rounds, the matchlock had played its part and it was time to bring out the edged weapons. Thanks for taking the time writing this, Piers! Jan
  3. Did they say from which distance they were firing their matchlocks? Jan
  4. Loving the box, Piers! Look at those large rivit-heads protecting the corners. It will be hard work carrying it around Tsuyama Castle. But it will be worth it. Can’t wait to see you firing the 50 monme for the first time. Oh, and let’s not forget the premier shot of the new 100 monme. Will def rattle the Cherry blossoms Jan
  5. This is quite cool! I have matchlocks made by gen 1 + 2 Sukedayu. Now we can add gen 3 to that list. Really happy you managed to reveal the signature, Robert. Interestingly enough, my gen 2 matchlock was also made according to the Tazuke ryu school of gunnery, which shows how popular this school was during the 17th century. Jan
  6. I agree with Piers. There’s a Kunitomo feeling to it when I see shape of the Hibasami (serpentine) and design of the sights. A very simplified version of a Tazuke ryu matchlock. If not Kunitomo, then surely Sakai 🙂 Jan
  7. When I hear of the horror stories regarding the shipping for both of you, I get cold sweats. Piers; was that a picture from the 100’ you got from Europe? Gary; the seller was a proper nut, so I’m happy on so many levels that you managed to ”relieve” the gun from him. Now you must spend a weekend opening up all these lovely matchlocks and show the world who and where they were made I think this is the first time that I see a 1872 registration from Kyoto. Jan
  8. Even if I try my best to translate the old kanji on swords and matchlocks, I often find myself at the mercy of Piers 🙂 When it comes to freeflowing waka, I’m totally lost. The man from who I got this waka, has a Japanese wife. She tried her best translating it. According to her, this waka is probably about people praying at the great temple of Ise Jingu. The waka was written by Daiko Sogen who was the head abbot at Daitokoji in Kyoto during the middle of the 19th century. I have highlighted ”Daiko” with a red circle. Any assistance will be highly appreciated, as usual. Jan
  9. May I echo Piers by stating that I struggle to find anything said on those pictures 🙂 I think it’s a sweet little matchlock that still retains a lot of its original charm. I would probably only fix the ramrod and then be done with it. Let me add that if you feel to embarrassed owning such a matchlock, you already got my adress 🙂 Piers, I’m packing my bags as we speak...😉 Jan
  10. Please do, Justin! I’m doing some research on the Hino style, so I like to see as many Hino-matchlocks as possible. Jan
  11. Can’t you start a Hino-thread and post some pictures, Justin? Jan
  12. Here you go, Brian! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/876830322 Jan
  13. I just found this matchlock up for sale online. Asking price you might ask? Well, a cool $25.000 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not so cool is that screen shots from this forum, ended up on the same sale page. When you thought you seen it all... Jan
  14. Hi! I’m seing some Sendai in this matchlock. Even if doesn’t have the characteristic elongated holder for the fuse (kaiguchi), this matchlock reminds me of some examples I encounterd in and around of Sendai. Have you removed the barrel from the stock? I have a feeling it might be signed. Jan
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