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Tachi by Akamatsu Taro Kanetsugu

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Its rare to come across swords for sale that were entries into the NBTHK sword making competition, this sword was entered in 2007. In hand, its a large sword, i would describe it as magnificent. The sword was bought direct from the smith by its previous owner, a well known collector here.


Akamatsu Taro Kanetsugu is the current head of the Kimura Nippon Bijutsu Token of Yatsuhiro, Kyushu. His real name is Kimura Kanesada, born 1951. He is the oldest son of Kimura Kaneshige. He is recognised as a Kumamoto "important traditional craftsman".


The tachi is large, it is signed and dated 2007. He made it at the age of 56.


It was entered into the 2007 NBTHK Shinsakuto competition and received Nyusen-Sho. In hand, the quality stands out. Fine Ko-itame hada and a consistent hamon in Choji.


See his other NBTHK results below.


I'm confident any future owner will cherish this wonderful Tachi.  Price is £5500 or best offer. That's a fair price for such a sword. Payment via bank transfer or paypal (buyer to cover fees). Folks are welcome to come and see the sword.


Shipping likely to be with UPS, i will need to get a price for anyone interested.


I am bad at photography, until i take some pictures i will use some by the previous owner. 


Type...  Tachi

Ubu.... Original condition competition blade,

Mei... Higo Kuni Yatsushiro Ju Kanetsugu Saku

Papered...Copy of Nyusen-sho, copy of Torokusho, and original statement/oshigata by Kanetsugu.

Age..."Heisei ju ku nen ni gatsu kichi jitsu" (lucky day 2nd month 2007)

Shrasaya.. With horn mekugi/mekugi ana, Comes with a bag made by the smiths wife. Total length 108cm

Nagasa/blade length.. 78cm,  Total length of blade and nakago is 101cm

Sori.. 2.5cm

Hamon.. choji

Jihada...Ko-itame with Jinie

Flaws...No, its a competition sword.

Habaki..quality 2 piece with gold foil.



Plenty about the Akamatsu Taro smiths online. They make their own Tamahagane from Kumamoto river sand, their hada has a darkish appearance.

Akamatsu Taro (japaneseswordhigotsuru.com)


This is a robust tachi with finely carved Bo-hi. 


This sword would make one hell of an addition to any collection. Lots of information comes with this blade which is a nice bonus, ask for more details if your interested.


















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It's a very well made tachi.

I visited the kimura family home 14 years ago.

They showed me their workshop and their work,

and talked a lot about their sword.

It was very impressive.

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Thanks gents.


Will add some information i forgot and some photos, did my best and as usual just took them in sunlight. 


Forgot to mention this sword was made with a Bizen influence.


Its large and heavy, further measurements as follows. Not bang on accurate but close enough as used a tape measure.


One thing i like about modern Shinsakuto. Your owning the sword the way it was made, without it having seen many polishes etc that effect appearance. 


Width at Habaki 35mm

Width at Yokote 21.5mm

Kasane (thickness of blade) at habaki, 8mm


Plus donation to NMB upkeep if sold.











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Nice jigane, I hear they make they own iron not using NBTHK Tamahagane and it shows on this blade I think. I have one blade on consignment from one of the brothers / sons KANETERU and it's a very solid and nice blade

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Thank you.


Adam, good swords don't come cheap. I'm not wealthy either but don't think this sword is expensive..


Folks put collections together with various cheap mediocre swords that add up to a value far greater than what i ask for this sword.


This is a sword, where you only need one sword. Competition entry so the smiths best 100% effort.


Just to repeat, it does say BEST OFFER.


I'm open to offers but don't have time for time wasters and silly lowball offers. Payment in £


Also, would prefer it if folks don't state "PM SENT" in this sales thread.


Appreciate the comments, thank you.




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I love the work it’s fantastic it’s the only modern sword I own! Probably top 5 shinsakuto makers ! I need a wakazashi by him. If anyone knows of one for sale please let me know. Thanks good luck with your sale Alex 

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On 5/14/2024 at 5:55 AM, Alex A said:

Adam, good swords don't come cheap. I'm not wealthy either but don't think this sword is expensive..


Hi Alex. I'm not saying it is expensive (comparing quality/craftsmanship vs price). I just whine about me not able to afford it :(

I'm not focusing to much on Shinsakuto swords, but your look so good. Everything I see on the pictures is aligned with my taste. Sugata, Hamon, Hada, Bohi ... even the looks of Mei ... it is just perfect sword in my eyes. 


I envy so much to you and new owner. 



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Ok Adam, no worries, thanks.


I never used to focus on Shinsakuto either but these days it seems they are the only swords that catch my eye really, purely down to condition and the information available about the smiths. Over time, taste changes. information/provenance for me is as important as the blade itself. Folks go on about "history" when really there is not much known history about most swords, at all.  Do find blades with interesting inscriptions from time to time, mainly Shinshinto, find those interesting.


Genuine reason for the sale of the Kanetsugu. Only me and the Misses at home now and the house is too big for us, hence we are downsizing and looking for a smaller house in the country, which costs money.


If it sells, its sells. if not i will be happy to keep it as it is such a nice sword with a story, which is what i like.


Anyways, thanks again.


If interested, pm here or alex.aspinall@sky.com.


Serious buyers only please.





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Andre, hello. 
Yes I do but I am unable to safely ship it to you. We are having terrible trouble in the UK…..our main carriers have banned all bladed items (because of knife crime). It’s crazy and won’t solve anything but there is nothing I can do.

My apologies for the stupidity of our government and carriers.

best wishes and thanks for your enquiry.



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