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  1. No we can’t kill it it’s all about study! It’s a study for the rest of your life.
  2. The fuchi & kashira are real also signed I thought the tsuba may be real.
  3. The blade I thought was fake but the tsuba is signed looks like Japanese work also a Fuchi & Kashira & kozuka look genuine
  4. I'm real Sanjuro, but dont know about all the speculation here. The sword is not a koto or shinto but a shinsakuto. As for the condition it is in 90% polish. I brought it to a polisher & he showed me the Hagiri. Its like I said before I didnt want my money back as I said Its a nihonto collage fund! Thats about as real as it gets. We all make mistakes & hopefully learn from them. My polisher never polished it. As for Yitzy, I dont make threats just promises, his feedback speaks for itself. It seems I wasen't the only one with a problem sword. All I wanted was some recompence from him. As one catches more flys with honey than vinager.
  5. Hi Adam, My point is it dosent matter weather he knew or he didnt know the sword has a hagire. If I bought the sword from the original seller I could of returned it as he had a return policy. I hope you dont get burned buying a sword from someone who wont give you the right time of the day. Like I said if you look at his ebay feedback closely you will see CAVEAT EMPTOR! Thats all I'm trying to say here.
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