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Please explain what this eBay junk is?!?!

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What kind of wanna be ninja wanna-be sword is this? If you look at the pics, there are two different nakago shapes and two different kissaki shapes. I really hope people don't fall for this junk, thinking they are getting actual nihonto.




Maybe a yoroi-doshi prison shank?



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On 4/18/2021 at 10:45 AM, Bruce Pennington said:

Hamish, it's in the title of the ad: "Japanese Samurai Katana"

Add to that, the seller is "Asianswordsdirect"

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7 hours ago, Brian said:

This is what they were going for. But they didn't get the taper right.


Brian, I think you are correct. I am NOT familiar with that style of tanto, but after reading the previous topics it appears to be a rare style. The one that is up for auction does not appear to be an old piece. The signature looks terrible as well.

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Sometimes they try to pass off swords that look like they are from the 8th to 10th century Japan with signatures but I have a feeling most the swords they have are being made by someone because they seem to have the same craftsmanship and quality of steel.

Lately they have had some of those very same blades look as thought they have been intentionally rusted when the blade hasn't turned out right.

Lately they also have had some katanas up that look modern with a couple with very good quality hamons however I believe they are being made by a modern maker just as the others.

I asked the person who runs that account and they said that they buy these swords from auctions around the world but I don't buy that for one minute ...no pun intended.


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