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Tsukamoto Okimasa

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Here is an Okimasa just completed its bidding.

Special order for Ichiro Kono who was minister of state for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

It was after the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 that Japan economic fortune recovered from wartime deprevation and the sword boom soon followed. Sadly Okimasa's passing in 1960 meant he missed out on the boom by a few years. Had he lived 1-2 years longer he might have been made Ningen Kokuho. Okimasa was a complete artist and his mastery of horimono rivals that of his teacher Shigetsugu. He is considered the "Kiyomaro of Showa". This sword has NBTHK Hozon but seller gurantee to achieve Tokubetsu Hozon.



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Horimono is a feature for top Ikkansai school smiths but its rare in WW2. I read somewhere Okimasa's sister was married to a well known carver of Bhuddist statues and when Shigetsugu learnt of this he admitted him as his student. Coincidentally this is the second time I come across similar horimono on a Okimasa war era blade. This one came about 15yrs ago and went for more money







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