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  1. 👋 hello can someone please help me with the date from the kanji on the left opposite of the gold cutting test kanji thanks so much for your time and help
  2. I was born in Saint Pauls. Grew up on Hastings St. in East Vancouver. This mei was on it's own on one side of the tang. The opposite side has the owners name and below is the Hizen mei. Cheers
  3. Cool thanks so much for your help and time. This kanji was by itself opposite of left side of mei of the owners name above the makers mei that is on a Hizen blade. Cheers
  4. This is a more than fair price i wouldn’t go any lower if you can help it brother It’s a tough crowd sometimes but keep the faith.
  5. 👋 hello I really need help with this translation This is on a long wakizashi where a date usually is but it looks short to be a date ? Thanks 😊 🙏 so much for viewing to help.
  6. Congratulations on your success and great taste. The hamon on the top of three of the 9th uploaded photo is amazing. What a beautiful sword. The wood earth tones, dark steel industrial framing and bold colours of your interior decoration is very well done and shows great class. Hopefully before I pass in my game of catch up with everyone I can have a tenth of the success and you have. Wishing you a continued path of greatness and thanks for sharing.
  7. No....I didn't ....because I never got any notifications from you due to you not messaging or quoting the comment. Everything I have for sale is gone now as of 6 AM this morning.
  8. This sword was gone ages ago.....it's better to directly message someone on their profile page. Also if you don't quote their message they get no notification thus they don't see it. I have 2 other WW2 koshirae fitted swords that are older true nihonto. One with all the matching numbers for fittings and a family mon. The other a shortened tachi mei of very high quality. PM/DM me after clicking on my icon if interested.
  9. I love this piece. Very high quality. I had one by the same maker with a moon and a sun ? Or two moons ? Had almost the identical landscape. The quality wasn't as clean as this one though. I give this piece a 10 out of 10.
  10. Good thing I read all the way of what Brian had to say. I was just about to click buy on something cheap enough to risk. It'a a shame about so many scammers taking advantage of this hobby. They have a tsuba with an unknown signature on there for about $30 that was knocked off from $200 that's worth almost a grand if legit. Darn....when it's too good to be true...it usually is ....unless you're holding the item for sale in your hands and you have one of those fluke days. Had one last year....asked the guy if the tachi had a signature and he checked and said no. A bring back from an American soldier that moved to Canada and started a family. Sure enough the $350 CAN sword had a single kanji signature from the late 1300's. Looked like it was sitting in the bottom of a lake till now though but showed promise for restoration. None the less another I regret letting go to pursue others. Thanks for the heads up fellow ronin
  11. That hamon is a show stopper and the polishing job is legendary. I can only dream of holding this blade.
  12. Sunny

    Fake patina?

    It looks to be that they went heavy with an abrasive high grain wet sand till they got to a point to then change to a 2000 wet dry that had a red grit instead of dark grey and they hand buffed the rest of the rust and the colour of the grit into the actual iron itself. That's why the inside still looks to have a normal texture of decay and rust age with a bit of the original iron colour peeking out. I think this piece is legit. They just messed the top layer of iron. Or I could be completely mistaken. I happen to really suck with my judgement lately.
  13. 2 Matched Thick Seppa Gunto Type 98 Brass Sword Fittings WW2 Japanese Army Orig or Thick Brass Seppa x2Gunto Miritarty Sword Fittings WW2 Japanese Army Serial No. or ORIGINAL GUNTO PARTS 8 SEPPA WW2 Japanese OFFICER SWORD KATANA Flea bay
  14. Looks to me like someone used a small thin flathead and a hammer to pop a habaki off that was stuck. It bumped/slipped and went high due to being a very thin sharp tipped flathead but still caught pushing some of the metal forward. Or i could be very wrong.
  15. Nice work....that looked like a pain in the ass to fix. Quite a lot of work for an average piece but none the less very nice. Looks a little dark though and off grey. I feel like he went over it with a dry brush of some darker grey or light acrylic charcoal and then touched up the gold. He did a great job on the fishermans waistband though. A very fine hand he has.
  16. Th blade pictured in the bottom pic is amazing
  17. some of the best advice people give is the advice they should take themselves
  18. that’s a great job I’ve restored shakudo and 18k gold on this piece please don’t be harsh this was my first ever restoration of fittings for Japanese swords
  19. This coming from a guy who tells me to message people privately when a week before criticizes someone out in the open. It truly shows your lack of character and the faith you have in your own words. Yet another attempt to stand out and sound clever.
  20. People in Japan use family antique swords for Tameshigiri everyday so please .....have something intelligent to type .....and by all means ....you are a band wagon jumper
  21. They're meant to be used I never new you spoke for everyone one here. You're a troll too they way you message people
  22. This is how predictably pathetic your life is. You looked at this old conversation. Looked up everything on pirate Japanese swords and the name Ujiyoshi. Found the video on YouTube and read what I said and put the two together and decided to sound clever on here and the youtube post section. Like how lonely and pathetic are you to attack me for cutting a pool noodle with a sword that I own. What sword have I ruined and how did it effect your life soooooo much that you come to slander another member on here ? I suggest you really take a look at yourself. Half your comments are passive aggressive......that usually means there's a lot that you don't like about yourself so you act out.
  23. Oh really? please go into Detail about how terrible I am can you please reference and post them all up so I get more views ?
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