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  1. @PNSSHOGUN Regarding the Kiri-Mon, I had looked up the picture of the mon previously and saw it was tied to the Toyotomi clan. However, with your naming it, then I found it’s a symbol of either the Japanese government or with this 3-5-3 Paulownia (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Seal_of_Japan ), a symbol of the Japanese Imperial Guard. So, this wouldn’t represent the carrier's family but instead that he was a solider in the Imperial Guard?
  2. Very interesting! @Bruce Pennington if you haven’t seen this one, all kinds of things here that you’d like: Mantetsu, stamps, etc
  3. @PNSSHOGUN thanks! It was the nicest mounts I’ve seen on a kyu in person, and I did love the feel of the longer tzuka. Part of it is fate, in that the shop isn’t in my area but I’ll be there this spring, so if it’s still available, I’ll see if the owner will entertain offers.
  4. Thanks @Bruce Pennington! I didn’t have funds saved up and didn’t want to bother the shop owner knowing I wouldn’t purchase anything, so I erred on my full check up (and photos) of the sword. When I go, checking the nakago will be critical. Thanks for extra context on pricing. From dealers’ swords, I thought it was a little under even. $3k Mumei shinshinto - https://www.artswords.com/a_nice_katana_mounted_in_Imperial_Japanese_kyu_Gunto_Mounts_042508.htm $2900 - another Mumei shinshinto - https://japanesesword.com/for-sale-pages/2017/9/25/shinto-katana-in-d-guard-mounts
  5. I’ve got a baby on the way, so I’m saving my pennies little by little for a hopeful late spring 2022 purchase. I’ve always loved Kyu Gunto given Meiji history and the East meets West quality. I ran into this one at a military antiques store for $1950. I didn’t notice until later that my photos of the sword itself are bad (can’t see hada or hamon), but it’s a Shinshinto mumei (allegedly, I didn’t ask to disassemble). Thoughts on the price of the package? Saya looks good and the d-guard appears frosty to me, plus there’s a mon. Sword is probably nothing amazing but was Nihonto. At $2k though, it’s where I want to be able to resell and not lose money if necessary in order to fund a bigger purchase down the line. Edit -I apologize for the photos being the wrong way; I’ve never had that problem and can’t seem to fix it. Third from the bottom. Also, look at the MASSIVE type 19. I’m 6’2” and it was so awkward to hold; I wondered if it was only a display piece.
  6. I spent a long time looking at oshigatas and noticed numerous kanji that were way off. I am absolutely no expert, but I thought it was gimei and steered clear. The $17k is just bonkers to me. You’re approaching Juyo prices at that high!!! I wonder if it’s two people with sentimentality attached to it. Maybe two people who each thought they would inherit it from the gentleman whose estate it was in and they didn’t inherit, so they bid against each other. Unless we’re all bamboozled, it’s got to be something like that.
  7. Holy cow! Thanks for saving me some time on the cormorant’s neck price. I had bid $550 beforehand but was going back on forth on going a little higher. Nice to know I was always going to lose (at $3k you could get something much nicer - papered, fittings etc). That sugata seems difficult to find; hardly any hits on the forum here. I think they’re beautiful though!
  8. Oh wow, that’s a story! I love the history of the Boshin War. Honestly, it’s probably better for my marital health that this went so quickly and I didn’t have a chance to consider it 😬 😂 Congratulations, Timothy, and to the new owner as well.
  9. @gun addictOh wow, what a beautiful set!! I think I’m saving my pennies for a kyu next. I love the East-meets-West aspect of them. Would you mind please sharing what price you paid? You could PM me too if you don’t want to publicly. I ask because I haven’t many for sale in person, so I’m left chasing online bidding and wondering what the general fair market is right now. Regardless, congratulations on a gorgeous addition.
  10. @Bruce Pennington I did! You were actually kind enough to help me with connecting the dots on the signature and identifying it as late war:
  11. Love Kai Guntos! Here’s my late war one with a plain wood saya covered by a leather combat cover.
  12. Noticed that too. But depending on how the bidding goes, not a bad deal for a late-war saya and star stamped gendaito and the buyer could recoup some of the money by selling the tassel. Got overly excited by 300, but then I studied a bunch of oshigata side by side with the mei, and I think it’s gimei. Regarding the auction house’s goofs, they do have over 600 lots and just 30ish swords in not wonderful shape, so priorities probably went elsewhere.
  13. @Jussi Ekholm Others had the same read: its currently at $600: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/111347277_vintage-Japanese-katana-sword It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.
  14. I also saw 286 and thought the same thing! Glad my eyes are catching sugata others too thought were worth catching. I tossed some modest bids on a couple hoping the smaller auction house would fly under the radar (I’m from IA and was hoping I could sneak a win). I did lots of research and narrowed down my selection and placed my bids….But then I also learned they’d partnered with both LiveAuctioneer and Invaluable…. And I’d already been outbid before I’d even placed my own bids directly on the site 🤦‍♂️🙄 Did anyone else have a suspicious eyebrow raise on this one? Something about the tsuba, mei and kanji spacing, and horimono have me nervous for a potential buyer: https://jacksonsauction.com/catalogs/2021/SEP/detail/default.aspx?ID=286
  15. Looks sharp! Did your wakizashi fit the koshirae, or will it just be for display? Always seems like a tricky proposition, marching a blade with a non-custom-made mounting.
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