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  1. So many years of online friendship on Sword Forum International and here. You'll be bitterly missed Keith. May you rest in the sword lovers Walhalla. I pray for his family. Once he wrote in a post "Life ain't fair". He was right.
  2. Good question... I'm not even able to understand the direction of mine...
  3. OrigamiS ? NihontoS ? Japanese has develeped such a plural form ?
  4. If you are interested in the origin and developement of the tsuba in Japan hereunder an embrional work I made years ago. Sadly it remained just a project in my mind.
  5. Sorry I can't remember the title and I'm away from my sources just now but maybe this is what you are searching for.
  6. I wish I was a metallurgist with the metal knowledge of Nagayama-Sama...
  7. Interesting. Never seen one before as far as I remember...
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