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  1. Dear Robert, Can you tell us if there are any characters (kanji) engraved on the Inside of your dô ? Thanks Paul
  2. Dear Robert, This is a very interesting kabuto-menpô set that was designed, as mentioned already, by Noguchi Zesai. The mask features the peg (otayori) under the lower lip, sparse (pointed) teeth, yadome, the nagashi no ana is probably round, and there is most certainly a cushion on the inside part of the chin. The helmet has shinodare, soft-matal shiten-no-byô of otayori shape, attachments for wakidate, there is probably red felt under the mabizashi (visor). As Joe mentioned just above, the most recent publication on the subject is written by Mr Robert Burawoy. But please note that there is now a much more recent (2017), corrected and updated version of his book with full colour pictures available here: http://www.deboccard.com/fr/category/15262-Produit-9782913217379.html (you can e-mail them as they understand English info@deboccard.com) Congratulations on your find ! Paul
  3. This is what came to my mind, its only a suggestion
  4. This is most probably a 'purse'. The tray can hold rectangular-shaped coins that the swordsman could carry around with him.
  5. Piers, I believe that that is done to adapt the tsuba to a new saya with a different (bigger) sized fuchi. Paul
  6. Isn't the comparison tsuba the same as #3 ?
  7. Many thanks Curran for sharing your experience. I am sure that this site will have great success Paul
  8. Very interesting thread, thank you. For more information on Mitsunaka see: Token Bijutsu n°633, mainly tsuba n°15 to 18 Markus did a translation for the NBTHK members. Thanks Guido for the note on the alternate reading of 光中 as Shigeo does not mention this. Paul
  9. myochin


    Most sômen are made from 2 or 3 parts that are attached either by pins and/or hinges. Fukutake for example rivetted the nose as it was too complicated to mahe a detachable nose. As for the lacquer, in the pictures (for me at least), it seems too flashy. On most Edo period items the lacquer is slightly duller from age Paul
  10. myochin


    This sômen seems to ring a bell, but I just can't remember where I saw it (maybe an auction). Anyway, I am surprised to see that all 3 parts are rivetted together, and that the Inside red lacquer seems a little "fresh". I had first thought Fukutake, but the overall 'happy' expression is not his style. Its a nice mask. Paul
  11. Tanto no bi - Kurogane no matataki - 短刀の美 ー鉄の煌きー 28th Nov - 23rd Dec 2009 Original price: 3000¥
  12. Thanks Michael, this is probably the reason why I am offset by a year cheers Paul
  13. Hello, Thank you for posting the results (and the translation) I am a little confused by the dates of the sessions. I see on the NBTHK web site that session 63 was in 2018 Session 65 in 2019 So when was session 64 ? (February 2019 ?) Many thanks for any help Paul
  14. According to Amazon UK it is to be published on 20 November 2019 by Osprey. But there is not yet any mention of it on the Osprey web site. Pending I guess. Paul
  15. I Wonder if it reads: Haruta Tokimune / Tatsumune 春田 辰致 18th century Paul
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