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      For the discussion of Japanese armor and related subjects

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      Discussion on Japanese matchlocks and early firearms

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  • For Sale

    • The sword speaks for itself and the habaki is an absolute masterpiece.  Good luck Jean
    • Best of luck with your sale Jean! She is indeed a beauty worth of praise!
    • And to head off any comments about missing dimensions.   Nagasa 70.0 cm Sori 2.4 cm Motohaba 2.8 cm Sakihaba 1.9 cm Kissaki-nagasa 3.1 cm Nakago-nagasa 20.0 cm Nakago-sori 0.1 cm
    • I don't see any place that photos of a Ryokai from Darcy were shown. Everything is separated out in Jean's post on his collection, with comments that are clearly identified with the name/atttribution for each sword. I assume that you are referring to the Tametsugu which is labelled as such.    Regardless, it is nighttime where Jean is so I will copy over the information from his post and hopefully it will be clear.        Ryokai is a smith  apart in the Yamashiro Rai school, even NBTHK hesitates sometimes to classify some of his works in Rai school. You will notice that he is the only smith in the Rai school not to use the Rai name and the kanji Kuni in his name, same for his lineage, his son Hisanobu and grandson Nobukuni. In fact Ryokai swords are either Yamato influenced or Rai oriented.   Compare to Yamato Tegai, Ryokai hada has very fine ko nie, sugata is slender and usually his swords have a strong sori. His hada is characterised by the mix of itame/ko itame and masame or itame nagare and a shirake utsuri, some fine chikei can be found. In the ha some ashi can appear and ko choji, hotsure. The nioiguchi is tight and somewhat subdued.   A comment from NBTHK on a Ryokai sword: " in short, the jiba is not as bright and clear as we would expect it from a Rai work. So the tachi is a work of Ryokai who was a Yamashiro smith too. As mentionned, the jiba of for example Kunitoshi, Kunimitsu and other Rai smiths would be clearer and brighter, the nioiguchi would be wider and more nie and hataraki would appear within the ha."   ryokai.pdf Ryokai-juyo.pdf Ryokai-juyo2.pdf
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