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Copper Type 95 on eBay

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3 hours ago, DTM72 said:

Sold for $2751 !

Yes I saw that too. The three seppa doesn't seem right...Praying hands emoji for the person that bought it. That's more than I would be pay for one, at least in that condition. 



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And then this Mantetsu also from the same seller only sells for a modest $1100 even though these mounts are far more rare than the Type 98. I think certain eBay sellers have developed a status of being "trusted", whether this status is deserved or not it depends on the particular seller. This consequently inflates the prices they receive online. Mantetsu and Type 95 also seem to be items of interest for WW2 collectors that are not solely focused on collecting Japanese swords.







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2 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

Don't think I had that one on file.

I think that one had the Dairen stamp as well. Badly struck, it could be mistaken for a seki stamp. Maybe that's why it went so cheaply.

John C.

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