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On 12/31/2023 at 4:45 AM, Bruce Pennington said:

Interesting!  First time I've seen a Buddhist bonji stamped onto the nakago.

Bruce, this may not be a bonji.  Naotane is said to have used a katakana kokuin for a town name when he forged swords away from 'home'.  I see this as 4 katakana that I have enlarged and translated with a -kana table.  At first blush I get HI  SHI  NA (?) NI (?).  I am likely to be way off base...



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Kataoka Ginsaku wrote:

There is a KO-WAKIZASHI made in Matsushiro, province Shinano, a commisioned work for the Zenko-Ji temple. The short wakizashi was made Tempo 7th year ( 1836 )

So the Chi-ya-no reading on the Nakago is the Shinano and the Katakana stamp is the town of Matsushiro.

The AOI description of the blade as a Sunnobi Tanto is probably the Ko-Wakizashi mentioned above.

Naotane made several unique commisioned works on his long travel route, so some stamps were made only once.

Find no other example.

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