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A challenge to Spatancrest (Dale)


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I think that Dale must have a photographic memory that I thought we could test


I’m suggesting we put an image for Dale to find. Only tsuba please.

If he can find a similar one then he can post an image for a NMB member to find


I’ll start with:



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Well from my window it is dark and ready to pour down - just like my mood! My 'Photographic memory' [which I don't have] does not let me know where things are - only that I have seen them before. Actually there is another current thread Hamano Tsuba and I know for sure I have seen a guard just like it in recent days but now having gone through forty books, twenty museum sites and lots of searches on tsuba types - it is impossible for me to find it again! Plus my eyes are starting to bleed!:freak:   I need image recognition software that doesn't confuse a tsuba with a badge, buckle or horse brass! [I will have a talk to the Aliens currently scouting our planet and see what they come up with - while they continue their search for intelligent life on this planet]

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We may have a major find here!  The guard pictured above Signed Fujiwara Kodo (Furumichi) hitsu and sealed in gold Hirochika.  Could once have been owned by an Envoy of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria - The same Archduke who's assassination sparked the first World War.  The 1923 image is, I will admit a bit grainy but the proportions are exact as shown in the image overlap.




Another "Historic" Yasuchika 'Hare' tsuba from 1894




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Which 'tote' am I using Dale ?

With a local 'starting price'- (SP) below the radar, bookmaker.

There once were quite a lot of them locally around 40 or more years ago, blokes from all sorts of working backgrounds but all having sharp, quick minds for figures .

Authorities chased and harassed them a bit but were often enough bought off in the 'Australian way'. 

How do you think this nation got started ?- poachers, pilferers, perjurers etc sent over here to serve time.

Australia didn't have any slavery but it did have free (Government funded) convict labour.

That was a bit "off topic".

Roger j

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Just for fun I bought a 'pole, ropes and bucket' tsuba - see what you have done Grev!

The one I purchased makes four of them that I know of - One being in the Cleveland Art Museum, I am certain they are all cast and possibly reworked to varying degrees. Facinating variation in cost - I can now say I have a 'museum worthy' piece [not] 



Still looking for that elusive first test piece!

bucket pole and well.jpg

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