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Suke Kani


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I don't normally post in the Nihonto forum (I'm a Gunto nerd and usually post on the "Military Swords of Japan" page), but when I do... I post something special. I was at my Japanese Sword Collecting Mentor's home last weekend (yes, I'm a newbie - got into Gunto collecting earlier this year) and this was one of the swords he showed me during my visit. It actually does not belong to him. He's the middle man for a polish job that was recently completed - a well-known, reputable sword polisher in San Francisco performed the polish. The sword will be shipped to it's owner soon. I was told that this sword is over 1000 years old and that the swordsmith is Suke Kani of the Ko-Bizen (early Bizen) school. Attached are a few pictures of this exceptional sword. I was allowed to handle the sword and to observe the blade under proper lighting. It was a great experience, especially for a beginner hobbyist.

Suke Kuni_Ko-Bizen.jpg

Suke Kuni_blade close-up.jpg

Suke Kuni_more of blade.jpg

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I echo Rivkin here. This sword has a lot of niku (usually only JuBu and JuBi preserved blades are so intact) and too refined a jihada for what I expect of Ko-Bizen. I have handled only one Sukekane but it did it not look like it. 
Did the sword come with some attestation? 
It nevertheless looks like a great sword. 

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