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29.5" nagasa 1940 Tsuneyoshi Commemorative Blade. Worth the project?


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Came across a kind of interesting blade.  A showa blade made in 1940 29.5" nagasa in the form of an early koto/nambokucho blade with a straighter form/smaller sori.  Its a commemorative blade and thanks to the Translation Page i was given this:


~chu kuni ju Yamazaki (no) kami Tsuneyoshi (~中國住山崎守常吉)
Made for 1,100 year anniversary (?記念千百年為作)


陸中国住 = Rikuchūgoku-jū, is my guess. An area in north-east Japan.

祝記念二千六百年為作 = Made in celebration of the 2600th year. Referring to the imperial year counting system. Must be a wartime era sword. 


So I'm wondering if this blade is unique/special enough to take up as a project.  The blade plus a Hofine finish polish would put over 2k into the blade alone.  My interest is in the form and length plus its commemorative attributes to the old blade form.  Can't fully tell of there is hada but think I can make out a hamon.  Id assume this would be traditionally made?


What do you think guys?  Worth it?  Or move on?








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Best to not assume anything Adam.

The one I looked at was not traditionally made.

Also that hamon appears to run off or almost does at the kissaki.

The reshaping of that blade could push it off if it's not already.

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Ok, thank you guys.  Already heard enough to let her go.  Truthfully I think I'm not quite ready yet for a project blade anyways and I assume it best to have something that excites/interests you down to your cells if you undertake the task.  I imagine it being a patient and demanding endeavor from purchase, polish to fittings and everything in-between.


Tom, I could see evidence of a Chinese touch.  The current polish hides most information, the blade shape/kissaki/nakago seems ok to me with it being a supposed commemorative/honoring the past design but the mei and inscription doesn't look well done.  Its current state1 does make the blade appear like some Chinese blades ive seen.

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unless you are fully trained as a TOGISHI in Japan, you should not think of any attempt of hobby polish. This forum is dedicated to the study and preservation of Japanese swords and will not promote the probable damage by amateurs. 

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I agree and wouldn't attempt a polish myself.  In my write up I wrote a "Hofine polish" referring to David Hofine who can affordably do showa era blade polishes.   I felt a blade like this wouldnt need best of the best Japanese togishi and would still be served nicely by David.  Showa blades like this (assuming its not actually just a Chinese blade) run into that cost of polish to value of sword negative connundrum.  

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10 hours ago, reeder said:

This eBay seller is a junk blade seller. Nothing he’s posted in the last decade I’ve seen at least had been worth pursuing.


Seemed that way as his stock is always rough, but I'm a sucker for a 29.5" nagasa.  Gave me the temptation. 

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