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  1. G'day Paul, Thanks for the report, an interesting read!! I wish I could be there to check out the entries, good to see some mates doing well. Keep well Paul.
  2. G'day Rich, I'm pretty sure there is no official wazamono ranking of modern swords. However, there are modern smiths that have reputations for making good cutters, I guess this spreads by word of mouth. I know that smiths will test their swords for strength and cutting ability themselves occasionally, usually when they are trying something new. Hope that helps.
  3. G'day Pierre, it's been a while, welcome to the forum. Great to hear about Kiyota-san's success this year!! Hope all is well.
  4. Hi Richard, Every year the NBTHK holds a shinsakuto competition and awards prizes for the best entries. These prizes increase the value of a smith's work and establish them a ranking of sorts. When a smith wins enough prizes they are elevated to mukansa. Toku-sho is first prize, Yushu-sho is second prize, Doryoku-sho is third prize and Nyusen means they were accepted into the competition. Here is a link to the results of the 2005 competition in English http://www.tousyoukai.jp/english/17th_e.shtml However, I personally would not base a choice on these competitions alone, it's important to track down as much info and pics as you can and make a decision based on your own thoughts as well. I have heard of Sadatoyo and Sadachika, I know that Sadatoyo is a student of the Gassan line, I'm not sure about Sadachika. Here is a link to Sadatoyo's website http://www8.ocn.ne.jp/~sadatoyo/ Good luck!!
  5. Hi Ichi, I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure what is usually written on the hako gaki. As for the price of a Kawachi Kunihira tanto, it's difficult to work out the average price because you simply don't see them for sale very often. The price on his tachi is around 3,500,000 yen I believe... so I'd guess for a tanto 1,500,000 yen approximately. My advice is to contact him personally, his site is http://www.mugenkan.com, it's always best to go straight to the source!! Good luck!!
  6. Another reason for swordsmiths to use the power hammer in this day and age is the fact that the average swordsmith simply can't afford to have 2 or 3 deshi hammering away with him as is the traditional way, so a power hammer is necessary (or at least a huge help) to get the work done alone.
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