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  1. Thanks for your assistance. The Tsuba is 8.4 cm in height and 8.2 cm in width. So I guess the former owner wrote down the measures
  2. Hi all, may I kindly as for your translation assistance for this Hakogaki please? If I am correct, it says Kamakura on the right. The name on the left is too tough for me... Kind regards and thanks
  3. Martin

    Rusty tsuba

    Jean is correct. You will need some sharp edges. Maybe you could break the button into 2 pieces and use the edges.
  4. A very entertaining Kantei indeed, thanks Guido!
  5. Martin

    Lost in school

    Christian, I don´t think anybody asked for a personal taste here... So why make this Tsuba bad? Taste is very personal and Bruno asked for a possible attribution to a school - nothing more. I met people who proudly presented their recent purchases and were completely upset after other people talked their objects bad (although only their taste was different and the object completely ok)... I do not see any junk here, sorry.
  6. Martin

    Lost in school

    You are right - it is not peaked - it ends in a beak
  7. Martin

    Lost in school

    My guess is Akasaka. The have also performed Tsuba with that crane design. I saw that pattern of tagane marks on later generation Akasaka pieces which is if I remember also an attribution point.
  8. My guts and eyes also say not old, no signs it has ever been mounted. Shape and position of the Kogai and Kozuka Hitsu also look strange to me.
  9. I was also lucky to receive one of these and I very well remember the words Ford quoted. You just cannot describe it better
  10. Some more iron as requested My wifes favourite Tsuba.
  11. Thanks gentlemen, the Tsuba has been SOLD. Best, Martin
  12. Hi Gentlemen, I have to move some things and decided to let go this wonderful Owari Sukashi piece. It dates from the (late) Muromachi period and its design is of Warabite, or curling bracken shoots. It measures 8.1cm in height, 7.9cm in width and its thickness is 0.6cm. The Tsuba comes in a custom fitted box. The price is 950 EUR incl. worldwide shipping (Paypal fees extra). Thanks for looking. Best, Martin
  13. Thanks Curran, but even a Jedi wouldn´t have the ghost of a chance... ;o) Cheers,
  14. Hi all, nice thread with lots of great Tsuba! Here is my favourite one.
  15. Hi Jason, maybe you should try to clean the rusted parts to be sure what material the "Sekigane" are made of. You could try to clean it with an old toothbrush and a little soap or with a cloth soaked with alcohol. This should then reveal if the "Sekigane" are copper ones. If they indeed turn out to be of the same metal as the Tsuba, I would also say it is a cast piece...
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