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  1. I wonder if the smith Muneyoshi (Hawley MUN 653) who used the shimosa (no) kami fujiwara had any relation to the Yoshimune who signed this sword... :lol:
  2. I'm looking (without much success) for any & all images of leather tsuba (preferably with their lacquer mostly intact)... I want to get an old leather tsuba I've got re-lacquered and am a little uncertain if it should be done in plain black lacquer or if some sort of design/border/mon should be incorporated. I'd like for it to be authentic... Most of the lacquer is gone from my tsuba so not a lot can be told about it's original finishing... I've only been able to find images of 1 leather tsuba on the net so far... Here's my tsuba (not pretty)... Some might remember it (tho it's not incredibly memorable at the moment) as I think I posted about it once before. It's in good shape structurally but about 80%-90% of the lacquer is gone.... Here's the only leather tsuba I've found pics of online... (currently for sale somewhere).. It has a finish that makes it look a bit like iron... Mine has a much more glossy finish (what's left of it).
  3. Hi Chris, I know of, have met and occasionally deal with Phillip.... I actually have some pictures of a Tanto I purchased off him to put up here tho I'm hesitant too as it isn't in fine polish and don't want to upset everyone again. I was told it is quite likely a Koto period tanto (Hira-Zukuri), which could be worth a polish... Jason
  4. Yes, good one Chris, ok then I wondered if perhaps he was mentioned in someones literature and the said material happened to mention what he made...
  5. I realise pictures would be more helpful, I was just wondering if anyone knew if this smith in general only produced one or the other or if he was known for doing this or that....
  6. Perhaps the smith was doing a little extra work on the side for an "enemy samurai or daimyo" and didn't want it discovered that he had collaborated with the enemy... A long shot but you never know
  7. Thanks to a kind board member my request for a translation was answered.... The sword was signed Mishina Masahiro, Mishina is the surname in this case not the school. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this smith made traditional Nihonto or if he made showato...??? The original post with the mei is here -> http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12160 I'm sorry for starting a 2nd thread about this smith but thought my question might get more attention and chance of an answer in this new thread. Jas
  8. Is it likely Mishina is this smiths last name only and he had nothing to do with Mishina school?
  9. Thank you both for your time and help. As it turns out I did actually get the 1st character I had Mi or San written down but disregarded Mi, shows my lack of experience I guess. Masahiro looks much better than Masanari like I had come up with. Did this Masahiro of Mishina School make Gendaito or Showato? Was he an average smith, good smith, or not so good? Any information appreciated. There are no stamps on the nakago or any other marking apart from the mei. I am searching for any info I can find on this smith at the moment so if anyone has any info be it ratings or anything else... Thanks again Jas
  10. Hi, I viewed a Katana in Shirasaya today the seller said it was made somewhere from 1830-1945 which was not greatly helpful... My cellphone camera couldn't get a good photo so a helpful Chinese man copied the mei down for me, attatched is a scan of the said mei. He wrote the one in ballpoint pen. My girlfriend the copy in black marker. I've posted both as the 2nd character looked more like 3 E's with a line thru them not so much like 3 squares as the gentleman wrote. He said that's how he reads them tho. So I've put both up in hope of an answer. When he wrote it down for me he said the 3rd character contained 9 strokes and the 4th 6 Strokes. The 3rd looks to contain 8 but may just be the way it was copied. I'm just trying to give as much info as possible because I don't have a photo of the actual mei which would have been much better! So far I have come up with (It's most likely I'm wrong as I'm not really certain about my effort) 1st character - 3 2nd character - ? 3rd character - Masa 4th Character - Nari The database here contains no smith by that name, there is 1 smith by that name in John Yumoto's book but different character were used. If someone could help I would be most greatful
  11. Sorry to drag up an old topic... Has anyone tried using a water based rust remover? (I'm sure it's been done and there's a good reason why not but I'd love to know why) I recently got a koshirae set, which was kept together with a broken blade which was rather rusty... Lots of black and red rust on the blade and red rust on the nakago... Being a broken and unimportant bit of a carbon steel I thought I'd try using a water based rust remover on it... (I wish I'd taken before photos) So the stuff says to immerse the steel in the liquid, I poured enough to cover the bottom of a plastic chinese takeaway container and popped the broken blade in it and left it. I had a few things to do so left it for about 8 hours. When i got home I used a combination of an old toothbrush and kithen scourer (green abrasive cloth but not too abrasive) and the rust just washed away. There was a little black tarnishing left underneath the rust which could have been left but being broken I decided to clean it up with brasso (ammonia and hydrocarbons). As best I can tell the rust remover did nothing to the "good steel" as it says on the bottle it won't harm unrusted steel and it seems not to have. It says it will leave a black film on the steel and it did a little but this just wipes off. I'm not suggesting anyone go and do this to a nihonto but I'd be curious if anyone actually has and the end result There was a little pitting caused by the rust but all the pits have cleaned up nicely, and I figure better the rust gone than further wrecking it..... The product is called evapo-rust the bottle doesn't say what ingredients are in the stuff.....
  12. This is just something I was wondering about..... I am not looking to find a hidden treasure in a NCO Gunto! Did on the odd occasion an NCO (perhaps with a well off family) or an old sword about the house have it mounted in the NCO gunto style IE metal / aluminium handle and all??? Jas
  13. No it is not my sword..... however I'm hoping the current owner will be so kind as to let me purchase it.
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