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  1. Sakurai masatsugu (manji). Reference source ( nihonto oyoubi nihon shumi)
  2. Selling pre-loved books by Ono Tadashi. Selling at at set price of $300 for 4 books . Individually will be at $80 per copy. Price exclude delivery and paypal fees. Pm me if interested. Tks for viewing
  3. Looking for the above copy. Pls pm me if u have 1 copy for sale. Tks.
  4. Hi , Tks for the advise . Will include the prices soon
  5. I am thinking of selling the following reference books as part of downsizing. Please pm me for deal: Gendaito meissku zuikan by Dr Sato - $40 2) Nihonto zenshu vol . 1-9 $180 for 9 3) Nihonto koza vol. 1-4 $120 for 4 4)Shinto koto taikan vol. 1-2 $70 for 2 5)Nihonto visual meikan $15 6) senkoku armor vol. 1-2 $50 for 2 7) Encyclopedia of the Japanese swords vol. 1-2 $50 for 2 8 ) Rokusho vol:28 & 34 $50 for 2 9) Japanese sword cultural icons of a nation (with dvd)$20 10)kamon to meishi $15 11) kamon (old printing) $40
  6. Item sold. Please help to archive. Tks
  7. Selling a preloved tanto signed Rai kuni xx ( mei not guarantee) The description is as follows: Length 27.7cm Sori 1.1cm Mekugi 2 Width at the hamachi 2.98cm Kasane 0.43cm Era : kamakura Koshirae :aikuchi koshirae Comes with a kogatana (utility blade), aoi appraisal paper, oshigata and sword bag There’s a bit of pitting on the tip due to rust (please see pictures)
  8. Hi, Here’s a glimpse of the rokusho book.
  9. Hi Brian, Tks for pointing out. The rokusho is in Japanese with an introduction in English. Regards Ronnie
  10. Hi, Tks for the support guys. The books are in Japanese language.
  11. Hi, Selling preloved book collection at $30 each for the following titles: - sengoku armor ( vol1) - sengoku armor (vol 2) - encyclopedia of the Japanese sword ( vol 1) - encyclopedia of the Japanese sword ( vol 2) - rokusho vol 28 - rokusho vol 34 Tks Ronnie
  12. Item sold. Please assist to archive. Tks. Ronnie
  13. Item is reserved pending payment. Regards Ronnie
  14. Selling a kaigunto koshirae with wooden tsunagi . The kuchi-gana is missing. The menuki comes with the family mon ( mitsu shiri awase tsuta). Letting go at SOLD + paypal fees. Ronnie
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