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  1. This one I sold a few years ago but Ifitted it onto a Nagamitsu katana School: Aizu Shoami Circa: 1800 Size: 77 x 70 x 4mm Bought from Japan in 2012 You can see there are differences
  2. I always thought thickness is an age in determining ko tosho and tosho. I'd expect ko tosho to be thinner
  3. kissakai

    Book author

    Does anyone have the contact details for the author S.J. King who wrote the book 'Collecting Tsuba'? Although basic I think this is ideal book for someone thinking about collecting tsuba that is clearly laid out
  4. The buyer doesn't mess about
  5. Brilliant. Thank you
  6. Hi Uwe Sorry but I don't understand your reply
  7. I wondered what this kozika blade with mei 小林河内守國助 - Kobayashi Kawachi no kami Kunisuke as prevous reply I know it was not a true mei so why would it be put on a kozuka blade? I do not know this smith!
  8. Now you have had some 'proper' reply's I'd like to add an observation. On in the first image instead of calling it 'plains of Musashi' it should be 'planes of Musashi' Shame I can't make this anonymous reply!
  9. Thanks for your comments Justin. Something to think about Barry: David only lives a few miles from me and I did contact him. Hes not taking on any more work and he specialises on high grade items
  10. Could anyone change over the tare guard. Ideally in the UK 'A needs repairing and fitted to 'B' Grev
  11. Thank you both - It was a struggle for me
  12. Hi The image shows my feeble attempt! Left is a tsuba and the right is a kozuka. I know the kozuka mei will probably have no relevance to the maker but it was put there for some reason
  13. kissakai

    Tsuba boxes

    Hi John I said I'd find some boxes which I did and then PM'd you last Monday. As we are both are in the UK I thought that would work Now four days later no reply Have you been inundated with offers and haven't had time two PM back?
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