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  1. Hi Adam Sorry for late reply I will not post pictures , as this is your post (in wanted to buy section ! ) I just wanted to explain to you , what I understand about your original post request in order to help you , if that's OK ? I do have a katana (+ 2 x wakizashis made by this Smith) with this mei/kuyo mon , all are certified , they have just broken 100 and 101 year age barriers These blades are important as they prove that his career expanded in excess of over 70 years (there is a book written on him - Teishitsu Gigein - the 60 swords by Miyamoto Kanenori) ordered to make 60 swords for a shrine - by the Emporer of Japan As Teishitsu Giegin /Shoshichii , he had to complete , many Imperial Orders /Special requests I , as well , am on the lookout for another Shoshichii katana , however have not seen another one for sale (I'm sure there are some out there , however, at this Age/Title Status , I know they were only made on special order) Kanenori Surpassed the Imperial Court Artisan Title - Teishitsu Geiggin ...... And to my knowledge was " The Only Swordsmith to be given a " Direct Imperial/Hierarchy Court Ranking - Shoshichii # 7 of The Imperial Court " in this time .....? I feel he is under rated He is , " Clearly - One of the Most Superior Swordsmiths' of This Time ! " Continue Your Quest , as I will , and keep in touch ! Cheers , AlanK
  2. Yes Adam As you may already know... This has the Sho Shichii mei (7th rank of Imperial Court) At around age 90 he was awarded this rank He is aged 92 for this blade It is said the kuyo mon is only found on his most latest blades Kanenori's family crest is actually ivy mon
  3. Hi Adam I have nothing for sale This is however the particular swordsmith that my small collection is based on The circular signature/mon that you speak of , do you have a picture of it ? Is it a "9" circle mon (known as Ku Yo mon ) ? It usually appears on the ura/date side Cheers , AlanK
  4. Hello Aussie Mike Unless I missed something There is no shinsa certificate with sword - the bottom 2 lines from aoi are a suggestion ? I Have purchased from aoi , all certified swords are advertised as such You've already purchased ? Otherwise ask in regards Cheers AlanK
  5. Att Admin !! I don't post much However I regularly visit this site I ask that you lock this thread as it is doing damage to a Very Important Person of The Community ! Markus has already publicly given Refunds to those who have asked They can "PM or Email " him ! DON'T go publicly attacking him !😡 I have patience , and I know Markus will deliver Kind regards AlanK
  6. Hi Jesse Thanks for posting , I enjoyed seeing this ! The first/upper tsuba "chinnan sennin " I have 2 examples of Doesn't seem very common motif ? Thanks again ! Cheers AlanK😁👉🍺🍺👍
  7. Yes , John and Kristie are Good Guys ! Easy to deal with , but also Very Professional and helpful Also able to organise polishing , shinsa , having koshirae made etc.. services through his direct contacts in Japan , while my blades were in Japan Totally recommend Nihonto Australia 🇦🇺😁👍 Cheers , Alan
  8. almeister


    Hey Guys Much appreciate your input /efforts ! It appears it may not be a generally used motif ?? That's why I thought I'd throw it out there again after a while to see if any new input/anyone had something similar ? I purchased the first/smaller tsuba years ago , and then one night the other one showed up on Yahoo Japan (quite a while later) , when I saw it , I knew I had to have it ! I painstakingly won the auction$$ George , I think you've pin pointed another very relevant observation , thankyou ! Mauros first assumption sounded good to me as well ! Many thanks Gents ! Kindest regards Cheers , AlanK
  9. almeister


    Hi All Hope everyone is well ! Thought I would refresh my old topic as I still have tsubas to see if anyone else has any other opinions ? Stay well and be safe ! Kindest regards , Cheers , AlanK
  10. Vermithrax The word "mumei" means unsigned Which could possibly lead to a result in differing attributions Kind regards , AlanK
  11. As Brian said, A fatal flaw is a fatal flaw ! Any serious collector would never buy it as resale value is close to nothing if problem is disclosed as it should be . If one of the authorities are willing to certify it , than I'm sure it will be noted on the certificate if buyer aware. Buyer beware may not apply if the blade changes hands several times after original purchase Yeah sure , there's always the assumption that he's only gona chop down banana trees with it! Sticky situations are sometimes best avoided before regret Respectfully , AlanK
  12. Thanks Tom I've seen your site This is a Great Blade ! However , as titled , I seek only his "Shoshichii " signed blades that bear the ku yo crest Many Thanks ! AlanK????
  13. Hi Guys I speak of the shin shinto/gendaito smith Miyamoto Kanenori We are familiar with his "Teishitsu Gigeiin " (Artisan of imperial court ) title - however in his latest years he was given an Imperial Court Ranking "Shoshichii #7 rank of imperial court " at approximately age 90 I collect his most latest made blades with the Shoshichii mei & also blades that display the "ku yo" 9 circle crest on the nakago The pic attached is a wakizashi i have which shows the mei i speak of (nbthk hozon) certified Mei - Shoshichii Miyamoto Kanenori Ku Ju San Saku (93 years old made) Taisho Ju Ichi (1922) It is actually signed tachi mei - but the other blades i have are signed Katana mei - the ku yo may then appear on the ura side of nakago If anyone has/knows of a tanto as described that would consider selling - i would like to hear from you Thanks & Kind Regards ! AlanK ????
  14. When you consider the time/effort/research that goes into Markus's translation services/literature you really do appreciate the small amount you have paid for his services " Totally Recommend - Excellent Work Markus ! " ???????????? AlanK
  15. Hi I have these 2 which i posted a while back under motif/theme Members gave 2 possibilities 1- Handaka Sonja - 1 of 16 of Budda's apostles who was known for his dragon 2- Sennin Chinnan - the wandering hermit who would thrust his cane into the ground to awaken the dragon to merge up into the sky & open up rain clouds in drought stricken areas I still don't know which of the 2 ? Nevertheless they are happily mounted on a pair of blades Cheers AlanK
  16. Hi Chris You will need to take more pics Include both sides of nakago - including areas under habaki for the experts to give you more ( I am certainly no expert ) The pic of nakago you posted appears to have orange tinge above top mekugi ana which could mean active corrosion starting - it also appears scaly around that area with a hairline running linearly along the ridge into the top mekugi ana - however this may just be the pic you posted - some pics give false impressions ! I hope there was no mention of saiha/heat effected I would suggest include keeping the nakago & under the habaki oiled (not just the blade ) as well - as we have high humidity in some areas of Australia - especially where I'm from - up north Singer sewing machine oil is good ! All the Best Chris ! Cheers , AlanK
  17. Thanks for the honest answer Chris ! I to am in Australia ☺???????? I think we'll both be waiting a while before we see another shinsa here ???? So with a fake signature - the only thing one can attempt to do is kantei it to a smith - good luck with that ???? If you're not already aware - if shinsa fails the blade to the signed smith - but believe it is made by the same school as the smith - sometimes they offer the option of mei removal which can be done by experienced Polishers - from there the blade can be re submitted & an "Attribution Only " to the school can be certified to the blade - however this is generally only going to be considered for a " Big Name " smith As you said " It's about you being happy with what you got ! " ???? All The Best ! Alan.K
  18. Hi Ben Based on your post - I'm guessing that the katana wasn't certified ? Was the wakizashi certified ? If so - the katana you are questioning gimei - how was it advertised ? Many of AOI'S blades are certified If it was consignment - the owner may not wish to pay certification fees for shinsa however If one of AOI'S blades - did it have ( no guarantee ) under smiths name ? If so - there are 2 ways of looking at it in my opinion 1 - Aoi believe the blade to be gimei 2- The blade has been to shinsa & failed You also have the option of discussing with them - sending the blade to shinsa at an agreed cost - however this may not be possible if consignment ? I have purchased off Aoi before - but only certified I don't know where you live - but the time to get the blade certified was while it was still in Japan - if you're somewhere where the NPO visits - then that can be an option down the track I may be " off course here " ? However I'm guessing the katana isn't certified - in which case I only would have purchased the blade under the assumption of a probability of gimei Just some food for thought Wishing you All The Best & Good Luck ! Alan.K
  19. Hill677 I am a blade person - not a tsuba person - however I have bought off AOI - They are quite professional ! An "estimation paper " (to my knowledge is done by the owner of AOI - he is very experienced Tsurasan ) I received one of these from a blade I bought from him , which included a hand drawn oshigata from him . You have not provided link from what I see for the sale of the item ???? You mention the word " ATTRIBUTION " Generally a professional dealer won't use the word "ATTRIBUTION " unless backed up by a certificate ?? As this is what the certificate generally states - if a certain mumei piece made by craftsmen/school can't be identified - they attribute the work to the school/craftsmen if considered genuine ! Many of AOI'S pieces are certified - however if auction/consignment they may not be , if you see on the listing " NO GUARANTEE " - that means exactly that - no certificate ! You can also always email them to ask further questions - you may however be asked to create an account with them to do so - it doesn't cost anything to do that ! "Edit " - this blade also came with NBTHK Hozon Hope this helps ! Cheers , AlanK
  20. Hi Jean 1st of all obviously the dates etc .. in info given is not consistent ( not uncommon to see from AOI - as they tend to get info muddled at times ) However I'm sure there's more to your quiz than this ! Cheers , AlanK
  21. Joe .... " You got to fulfill every collectors dreams in 1 week " " It doesn't get Any Better than that! " " Lucky Dude ! " ???????? Cheers, AlanK
  22. Hi Nick , Stunning blade as always - Thanks for sharing ! John , Thankyou for your formula! I have several Taisho blades & keep " sub consciously " telling myself "Taisho - 1911 " so all my ages etcc are consistent - however as we know - at the time they start is considered "year 1 " - so to be subtracted Thanks Again ! Cheers , AlanK
  23. Hi Nick , Yes , hachi ju hachi - 88 However, as Steve says : 3rd column in from right (as you know ) Taisho "ju (+) " + san = 13 Taisho started ruling from 1911 (if I'm cortect ? ) So - Taisho + 13 years = 1924 ? It is brilliant to see blades made from Smiths @ this age - so we all obviously eagerly await some pics !! Cheers , AlanK
  24. Hi Carlos , If you haven't already done so - I would suggest removing the tsuka/handle/habaki asap - looking at your pics - looks like corrosion blistering out on the blade in front of the habaki " If so - don't touch it - post pics & ask for advice ! " Cheers , AlanK
  25. Interesting read + the addition of your photographs blends in well ! Bravo Morita San ! ????????
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