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I would like to add some guidelines to those (especially newcommers to the forum) intending to post asking for advice:


It was recently mentioned to me that some people may hesitate to post opinions on items due to the fact that they are unsure if these will be used in descriptions for commercial listings. We know and verify many of the members here, but there are many new members who might only post once or twice about a certain item. For these members, I would like to ask if they would please mention in the post if the subsequent replies will be used for commercial gain or info in an item's sale.

Listing an intention and asking permission to use any info gathered would be the correct thing to do. Many members would feel uncomfortable if their non-verified opinions were used as fact when describing an item for sale. For this reason, I would ask people to please mention if they intend using the info for an item that is going up for sale.

These concerns do not apply to those just seeking info on an item they own, or one they intend to buy. Please keep this in mind when requesting information and translations.


Here are some other brief guidelines that will help with posting:

    *Use the search page to look for similar topics that may already have been covered.

    *Check out our FAQ' s and How-To forums for the answers to many questions about posting pics

    *Post in the correct forum - thats where the topic experts hang out!

    *Don' t post the same message in many forums...It will not attract more attention, in all likelyhood, it will make people ignore it

    *Please maintain relevancy in the post - if need be, please start a new thread

    *If a problem is perhaps browser related, test in another browser and let us know the different results.

    *Be short but descriptive in your subject. It is sometimes not a good idea to start a reply in the subject line, as it is often overlooked.

    *Provide a URL where applicable. Just cut and paste the link, and it will be automatically converted to a clickable link.

    *You will need to be registered in order to post.

    *Please remember that the forum rules state that you should sign (all) of your posts with an initial and surname or vice versa.

    *Use the pm feature to continue a discussion when it goes off topic.


That should cover most of it for now. No new rules, just a bit of common sense. :)




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I'm new here and so I read through the guidelines, just thought maybe it was prudent to let admin know.

Also, hello and thanks for accepting me on to the message board.


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forgot to sign it
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