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WW2 NLF type 44 sword by Nagamitsu

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The eBay seller in that link has 0 feedback. Meaning they have never received a review for buying or selling. If you click on their profile, you will find that they created their eBay account this month (April 2024). 

You can find the best and most reputable sellers on eBay by looking at their seller rating, feedback score, and the number of items they've sold. A seller with no history is considered more risky. 





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Got it thought  you were talking about


Yea no feedback not good I haven’t offered a price I’m guessing even at 3000’ tack on fees 

3200 or more Too much money

He would have to come down 2700 Good info 

I don’t know the value for this sword


thanks you guys 








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Nagamitsu is a good wartime smith, but not a great one. Around the same level as decent Emura swords (another smith you should consider)
I wouldn't be spending more than about $2500 total for a mid level Gendaito that isn't in professional polish. But that's just me.

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I know you have said in the past that you don't go to shows, but that's where you find deals and can see the piece in-person before buying. There were at least two swords signed Nagamitsu at the Chicago Show this past weekend.



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Every Ebay seller has to start at some point, however caution and communication is as mentioned highly advised!

Agree with Brian and Hamfish, sword isn't worth paying above $2500 and would offer $2000 to start. Blade doesn't appear

too bad from the limited photo but requests more blade pictures. Should seller accept and lower offer as Hamfish suggested 

 leave it alone and enjoy...



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I got some pictures of the kissaki and boshi 

Boshi dosnt  look to show the hamon continue turned back or not there ? Maybe bad pictures It looks like some minor pitted or stained as well 







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Fairly typical war type polish. Hamon mostly visible, appears to be faint yakote, of course a bit of rust for unrestored war time blade, probably would consider average to low average blade condition. $2000 maybe???

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The pitting and or rust is what kept me from buying While I’m posting Nagamitsu I am thinking of buying this one so I thought I would get a few opinions 


It army with 4 kaji To me it looks like a nice clean one but can’t seem to get some better pictures 








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