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My lowest Quality NCO


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Here is my least favourite NCO blade, I debated for a long time whether this was a good fake or not so opinions are welcome. a few things made me question it.

It did come with a nice surprise though, there was no mention of a tassel with it when i bought it but when i collected it, what was hanging from the Saya, a genuine NCO tassel (broken) but genuine.


the fittings are very loose and feel like they dont fit, there is play in all the fitting and i don't know why. maybe i can fix it somehow.


The Saya is Re-Painted black (Badly as you can see from the throat)


something about the bohi shape made me suspicious i guess.


serials match on the saya and the blade.

blade is scratched to hell on the sides but is still sharp - i could ID all previous owners from the fingerprints on it.

the feel of the tsuka is different to my other 95s it feels lighter and rougher?


anyway here are some photos 

Will put up more if people want.













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I would like to see pictures of the blade serial number with inspection mark and an overall view of the other side of the handle if possible.  @Stegel may want additional pictures as well as this is an early Nagoya made Type 95.  I see a small gap between the habaki and front seppa and hopefully someone can comment upon the looseness for you.

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Ah you solved one of the mysteries for me. this was the no.1 reason i was sceptical, due to my ignorance on the change of pattern I was comparing it to my others and could see the tsuka pattern was different

It also feels different in the hand to my others the texture and weight are different

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You've got a nice collectable item there, Tony.  While not "rare", the Gifu stamped 95s are not that common, and the early models with the authentic wrap are in short supply.  I have one too, and as a 95 collector, these are a "must have" item!  My Nagoya with the same wrap is also loose in the fittings.  My experience with the Nagoya Arsenal 95s is that their quality control wasn't as tight as the Kokura/Tokyo Arsenal operation.  Less precise bohi and not uncommon loose fittings.  So, not as "pretty" as a Tokyo gunto, they are still unique in their own way and worth preserving/collecting.

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Tony if thats your lowest quality 95 I reckon your best must be very good. 


I will put up my lowest quality tonight ... dont hold your breath, it is very honest but must have been spent the last 70 years in a swamp (looks like the blade may have been eaten away by swamp gas!).


Later tonight.





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So here is the third version Type 95 from my 95 orphanage.  I live it just as much as the others (it's just different).


One side of the saya is in quite reasonable used/aged condition with some olive drab clearly present while the other side looks as if its been lying in water for a long long time. No paint that side but a really 'nice' patina and unfortunately, some heavy rust pitting in places.


Tsuka is reasonable with blackened iron fuchi still showing faint Seki Token (???) with Nagoya inspection stamp and Nagoya Arsenal stamp.


The blade (number 200395) and the saya throat has suffered from rust, both outside and also where number was stamped.  Still trying to apply some x-ray vision to work out if numbers match but that will always be an impossible task.


A lot of dark staining on both sides of blade and some heavy pitting (old rust) on both sides of blade mainly (but not entirely;-))  toward the kissaki.


No saya inserts when I bought it....metal on metal I'm afraid :( so I made two and 'bobs your uncle'. Could write my own book on that process!


Everything is tight....nice.










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It's a shame the fittings feel so loose on it but if it's a symptom of original quality control then I'm happy with that. 


I will finish my 95 collection with a copper handle and an iron tsuba version at some point.  Not seen a copper handle in the uk for a while at a price I like


So got to get lucky

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        For comparison here are two I picked up lately...The one without the knot was unwanted by the family of a veteran of the Burma campaign who served with South Wales Borderers and found the sword in the luggage compartment of a train during the conflict....The one with the knot was bought at a Militaria fair recently...Both have matching numbers...









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