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Second Thread on Gary's Swords

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4 hours ago, MichaelZWilliamson said:

Can you elaborate on that for me, please?

Sorry I was in a rush when typing my earlier reply

The signature appears to be imo Bishu Osafune junin Morimitsu, dated August, 26th year of Oei (1419).

I may be incorrect however as I'm not sure Oei Morimitsu ever signed with "junin" perhaps one of the Bizen experts will chime in


See ref http://www.sho-shin.com/oei.htm

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Hard to tell on my phone, but it looks like the scabbard is custom fitted with some thing like raised skin or your skin? Mine is the same way, and the adjoining slide.  I’ve always wondered why the Navy didn’t secure their fittings with screws like the army does.

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50 minutes ago, MichaelZWilliamson said:

I'll be deleting most of the images from my online archive soon


Do you mean to delete them from this NMB thread?  If so, please reconsider.  In researching various smiths and gunto types, I have come across a number of threads where this was done and it's quite frustrating.  Sometimes the deleted image was something I specifically needed for the issue at hand, but it's now gone forever.  New guys also learn much from these discussions, but without the images, the discussions become almost worthless.


They are your property, so I respect your right to do so, and maybe there's a good reason.  Sure would hate to loose them though.

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This is starting to drift out of my tech abilities, but if you are worried about the 9mb limit on uploads, that only means you can only upload 9 on each post.  I probably have 3000mb of photos I've posted over the years.


And for your server link, Brian can correct me if wrong, but these photos we upload are just here at NMB.  Your server can die or be turned off and we can all still see the photos. 


Oh, after re-reading your post, are you saying you, as a member, only have 25mb total that you can post, like a lifetime limit?

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2 hours ago, Brian said:

Nope...he has plenty. But I still prefer pics to be reduced to under 500k or even 200k....we have over 600,000 files and growing fast.

What I'm still seeing on my screen is this:

Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
No file chosen
Max total size: 4.88 MB

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