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Japanese captioned blade section diagrams .

Dave R

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 While searching for information of traditional blade manufacturing methods I came across this diagram. There are some interesting blade sections shown, but the captions stump me. I would be grateful if someone here could help. Are these the names of the smiths known to use these, or are they descriptive of the steels used. Picture is original size as downloaded, I looked at enlarging it but the definition broke up a little.


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Here is quick translation of the picture. I should have have all the smiths correctly but there might be some errors on the romanization of lamination styles.


高橋俊光 - Takahashi Toshimitsu / 三善長道 - Miyoshi Nagamichi / 秋広 - Akihiro / 折り返し三枚 – Orikaeshi Sanmai / 八枚合わせ - Hachimai Awase / 三枚合わせ – Sanmai Awase / 割り鋼 – Wari ? (I believe this is Wariha tetsu) / 無垢 (丸鍛之) – Muku (Maru kitae)


肥前忠吉 – Hizen Tadayoshi / 備前祐永 – Bizen Sukenaga / 信国 – Nobukuni / 四方詰め – Shihozume / 九枚合わせ – Kyūmai Awase / 五枚合わせ – Gomai Awase / まくり – Makuri


金剛兵衛盛高 – Kongōbyoe Moritaka / 備前景光 – Bizen Kagemitsu / 備前春光 – Bizen Harumitsu / 関兼先 – Seki Kanesaki / 本三枚 – Honsanmai / 七枚合わせ – Nanamai Awase / 甲伏せ (かぶせ) - Kōbuse

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On 4/5/2021 at 9:23 AM, b.hennick said:

Jussi can you please translate this part of the labels of the picture?


The caption above is 無垢(丸鍛え).

無垢 = muku.

丸鍛え = maru-gitae.  See Kitae - Blade Construction in Japanese Swords .


The title at the bottom of the illustration is Nihontō no kumiawase kōzō 日本刀の組み合わせ構造.

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