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fraud auction of Chinese

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Maybe you should bid $1000,000 on each of the swords he has listed, to make sure no-one else can win them?

If the pics are stolen from you, then eBay can't blame you for a false bid, and if they end with a sale, then he will owe eBay high listing fees, which he won't pay, and will get banned anyways?


Online warfare :D



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Sorry to hear about eBay troubles. Many crooks out there.


Here is another Chinese hijacker. I notified the website where photos are linked:




Seller not responding to my questions, very suspicious.



I hear eBay in UK banned sword listings? They should instead ban sword listings FROM China under "antique."



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That S.O.B!

Sorry, for the language!;-)

Good job, kanetoyo!

Let´s continue to be observant and make life harder for those (again faul language);-)


Would it be a a utopia where true sword collectors could register and logg on to a

regulated secure site where we we can sell/buy and exchange products without

getting disturbed by those (again faul language)


Or I´m I just dreaming!?;-)



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