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  1. Time to accessories! I am Looking for a kozuka with dragon-motif! and a discret black kogai gladly in black/gold /swedish-daisho
  2. Been searching long time now for a tsuba with dragon motif! If anyone have such tsuba with dragon motif please let me now! swedish-daisho
  3. Gentlemen...boys and girls!? I bought my first nihonto a couple of days ago! Now I´m looking forward to studying and collecting more! I have aspecially been thinking about getting koshirae for this blade! Bus as I am a newbie-nihonto-student..and my knowledge is slim to none! I was wondering what my older more experienced collegues might think!? Will be much appreciated! Thank You Enjoy! /Stefan
  4. Ciao Sergio! Now! It could be! But not in the future! The last line! Give it to me in english, please! Arigato
  5. I know! I would never do anything disrespectful to my sensei or piers!! Good heavens! no not as a beginner! Until the moment will come....I will use me factorymade-aido sword! Domo Arigato
  6. I know! That´s why I study nihonto...in order to know more about them! With as much as respect as a true nihonto-student would! Ok! So you regard gunto as nihonto!?
  7. Hello guys! Still reading and reading nihonto-books! Still haven´t bought my first nihonto-sword for studying! But now I have begun with Aikido and Aido!:-) My question is this! If I would to buy a sword for studying nihonto AND to use it in Aido!! What sword would be the ultimate purchase!? I hope I´m on the right forum! Yours Stefan
  8. Hello everybody! My friends and in particular my swedish collegues! Check this out, if it can be of any interest!? For nihonto-collectors end students!? Hör gärna av er om ni upptäcker något som ni vill delge!? Don´t hesitate to share your findings and etc! Enjoy Njut! http://www.helsingborgsutstallningar.nu/antikmassa_hbg/ Yours Stefan swedish-daisho
  9. Hello Guys! Is it naive to think that if we stand united we can make so much noise and trouble, that the SOB.S may think it´s not worth the effort and trouble!? Give em hell, boys! Still humble and trying to learn and understand! Stefan Nihonto-student
  10. Thanks Brian! Have searched for that...a while! Stefan
  11. Have been looking online for a manual in how to tie my sword-bag in traditional Japanese style! But without luck! Please send my any links or tips! Thanx Best regards Stefan
  12. Ford Hallam! Have been thinking about the same thing! Why not a buy/sell/exchange site for "registrated users" aka true nihonto fans!? Could be based on a registration number from NHBTK!? The name..Miyabi Nihonto maybe!? Our very own stock-exchange!? Inputs!? Stefan
  13. That S.O.B! Sorry, for the language! Good job, kanetoyo! Let´s continue to be observant and make life harder for those (again faul language) Would it be a a utopia where true sword collectors could register and logg on to a regulated secure site where we we can sell/buy and exchange products without getting disturbed by those (again faul language) Or I´m I just dreaming!? Stefan
  14. Hello Guys! Lockesboy! You lucky dog! A find every dreams about finding! I´m sure the more experianced guys here can help you! Also check out http://www.sharpweaponcenter.com and see if any of the swedish collectors can help you out! Good luck! Hope that you will bark on a intersting journey!! Ps Är inte alls sotis, nej inte ett dugg! Studerar nu nihonto inför stundande japanresa och mitt första inköp! Hör av dig hur det går! Stefan
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