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  1. I and the buyer are in trouble. Please do not post irresponsibly.
  2. I think that paper is change in the near future. The paper causes inflation. The present paper will lose value. Be carefull..... Nakamura
  3. I want to know an evaluation for NTHK except the Japanese.
  4. Hi all How do u think about NPO NTHK? Are u reliable? Please tell me an opinion. Nakamura
  5. Hi I think not correct sword. Paper of jyubi only correct. For Cutting edge is a little short. And There is not correct nagamitsu of jyubi this bonji. Nakamura
  6. Hello As for the Japanese auction, junk is 90%.However, there are a serious sword and a serious seller of 10%. As for ebay, It will be the same.I talk a few about my experience. I bought aoe tsugutada of kamakura and senjyuin kuniyuki of kamakura and tosanokami tadayoshi of keicho era with out paper at once Japanese auction. As for all of them, it was got NBTHK paper. Anyway, Please choose a seller, and own study is important. Nakamura
  7. Hi all Ko-bizen is below http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... RK:MESE:IT
  8. Hi All I don't yet submit to Juyo shinsa. I was going to submit it to Juyo of the last year.However, I canceled it. For, Recent NBTHK is confusing. If my information is right,NBTHK was excluded from the jurisdiction of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The authorization of the foundation would be canceled, too. The issue of money of and much concealment.... Faction of the NBTHK organization inside... And Defeat of Mr. Tanobe. There is many problem in NBTHK. Anyway, and the trust of nbthk is deteriorating.I was afraid that JUYO became the paper without the creditworthiness. As for my tomoyuki, it's not tired. Nakamura
  9. Shibata Mitsuo was died. He was dealer of Japan. This paper is paper of him. And this Yamakichibei is real Yamakichibei with NTHK paper. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... RK:MESE:IT
  10. Hi I undertand it Japanese and Chinese and original Chinese is difficult. Nakamura
  11. Hi I think 竜→尤 or 竜→龙 Nakamura
  12. Hi It is a kanji of the Chinese simplified Chinese character. It's not Japanese kanji. Nakamura
  13. Hi I agree with Moriyama san Nakamura
  14. Hi First pic: Koto Katakiriha Fudoken Second pic:Shinto Fudo Myoou katakiriha Both, description of tsukurikomi and era. Koto is Before Muromachi era, shinto is after Edo era. Nakamura
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