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"forgive, Don't Forget" Documentary

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I am proud to be one of the original " backers"  for this project  :)


I got this e-mail from Brad Bennett:



Hi everyone,

Look what came in yesterday! Fresh off the authoring press! 


We're still waiting on Blu-Rays from the distributor (Gravitas Ventures), and once those units come in, we'll ship all discs + digital copies out (ETA within the next two weeks).

Excited to finally get these discs out to you all!

We've heard a lot of positive feedback from those who watched the doc since the launch last week.

If you could leave a quick review (once you've actually watched the film) like Ryan did on iTunes, that would help us out a lot.

Thanks in advance!!


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I just received and watched "FORGIVE DON'T FORGET" for the first time.

I am very impressed at everything done. EVERYTHING.

 1f642.png :) Loved it.. 


The story, and, the many stories told along the way, was very heartfelt.

And, if you love Japanese Swords and culture, it made the movie even more deep.

Good job Brad, Paul and Paul..

As the saying goes.... 1f44d.png1f44d.png 1f642.png


Like the movie Sekigahara, there is something in there for everyone. :)


The video is low priced...  well worth the good feeling the people will bring you!!  :) 

They make you want to go out and help others, or,

do your part as a Human being, that is better off that those who are unfortunate,

or, face with tragic things that are beyond thier control.



Hi Alton,

Thank you so much for the kind comment on FB!

I’m glad the film resonated with you in that way.

Would you mind leaving a review on Amazon or iTunes?

 We would so appreciate it!

PS my wife and I are visiting Hawaii next month!



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The link is for the the US (region 1) so need to wait for the European region DVD

Good Morning guys..

I just asked Brad if there was going to be a Region 2 edition.

I will post his reply, (Time difference) as, many more people might want to know the avaiability.

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Looking forward to watching this. Although I'll have to watch it on my MacBook Air (at least it's a 13" screen) via my SuperDrive as unfortunately it's only available as a Region 1 DVD (US and Canada). Nothing for Region 2 UK/Europe and trying to buy as a file via the Apple Store didn't work as I'm UK based and this also seems to have a US bias.


Not very forward thinking of the distributors!


That said I've bought the Region 1 DVD which 'should hopefully' play on my SuperDrive so I can watch it on the laptop...

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Hello Gentlemen,

I did get a reply from Brad the other week.  :)

Sorry I posting it so late. :


To your concern with region playback…our distributor is only making DVD/BD discs formatted for US/Canada (currently). That will  change but wanted you to be aware.

Until discs are available in other regions, they have the option of digital rental or purchase at any of these platforms below:


Amazon Prime Video: https://amzn.to/2v4Hn4x

FandangoNOW: http://bit.ly/2M3HjYZ

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2mZok70

Microsoft Movies & TV: http://bit.ly/2AsSU2v

YouTube Movies: http://bit.ly/2M9YIiE


Brad Bennett

Forgive-Don’t Forget

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I received my copy from ebay last week and really enjoyed it. I found it very heart warming and was very happy with the outcome. Well done to all involved and this is another example of how Paul Martin is an amazing contributor to the Nihonto world.



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