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Tsuka Looks Old

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I had a close look at this one because I rate first and second generation Kunisada blades a lot.

It is representing to be a second generation with Shinkai jishin mei. I have to say the signature does not look too bad. However appraising the sword and ignoring the mei is the only way forward = even if it is a genuine signature the blade does not have the aggressive, stubby, all business, geometry and overall feel that I would look for in a Kunisada. In the very last picture you do get this impression slightly, however it is not convincing enough for me to part with my hard earned.

I do like the the tsuka design however!




Neil M 

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An example of an early tsuka.



And a Shinkai signed with the Kunisada mei.



Best regards,


If I am catching the drift the a.o.i. sword is forged by second generation but signed by first?

It even seems to have a poorly struck chisel strike on the 'Kun' kanji indicating his failing eyesight = almost cliched Kunisada which in some circumstances might be a concern - but that a.o.i. blade is fantastic. 


The photo I posted above is I believe the opposite - forged by Oya Kunisada and signed on his behalf by Shinkai.

I will probably be able to post a photo of the mei a bit later if relevant.




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Dear Neil.


I think that Joe may be suggesting that the script is not sosho.


Gordon, you headed the post with a reference to an old tsuka, Ray has posted a link which illustrates an old tsuka, I think this one is just plain worn out.


All the best.

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Hi Neil, I had a quick look at that Kunisada mei but only found 2 mei done like that so you will have a hard time working out if its mei is shoshin ? in the first and second there are some differences ? it was in the shinto_meikan and http://www.nihontocraft.com/Izumi_no_Kami_Kunisada_mei.html   and Danny lists it as a Sosho mei  :) 


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Thanks - food for thought -  Kunisada's sosho writing is not typical of the usual sosho script it seems.

I will need to look for more verified examples of this cross over period signature for comparison.


The sword mentioned in OP post has now sold I see - I did like the koshirae, all be it worn Edo as observed, it would make a great sword to give a horse lover!


Such a shame about the koshirae on the a.o.i Kunisada mentioned above - that blade really deserves better in my opinion.



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