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  1. If it is saiba, then one can't blame the polisher. During a fire the grain opens up and the jihada becomes very coarse like this, with lots of large openings that look like ware. I couldn't see a mizukage on the blade, but that probably means that the whole blade was treated when it was retempered.
  2. I'm no expert, but looks like a classic saiba to me. I learned this the hard way - the open hada is usually a strong clue, especially in the context of the blackened nakago. Just one person's opinion.
  3. The vast majority of times, bidders smell a rat and the blades from China go very cheaply. It becomes more remarkable when the listers lie and bidders drive the price up on an obvious fake.
  4. This always amazes me. http://cgi.ebay.com/WWII-2-Japanese-OFF ... 500wt_1156
  5. Looks like lots of ware and shintetsu stem to stern to me.
  6. Does the one character have wings? Who is that? Nice tsuba by the way.
  7. Jason, for $225 you can buy a decent and interesting tsuba on ebay that you will enjoy and will hold its values and possibly your interest. Virtually any sword you can buy for that amount will be very poor unless you find a private sale from a seller that doesn't know what they have.
  8. You will likely be frustrated trying to buy a tsuba that fits on ebay. You will get something home and it will either be very loose or, worse yet, the nakago ana will be too small for the tang of the sword. Best to bring it to a show and go around the room looking for somebody that has hundreds of inexpensive tsuba and start trying the wakizashi size tsuba out on your blade. Cheers, Bob
  9. Wonderful! Thanks for a great post. I met Yoshindo many years ago, and it was nice to see him at work again. He gave me a signed hand made souvenir knife that I still cherish.
  10. Hi Paul. I would be interested in buying one if you can please send a link to a secure site. Cheers, Bob
  11. I am thinking Yasumune and showa ni ju nen (1946? sounds late). I could be off a bit.
  12. Reinhard, your answer is hilarious. I can actually see what you mean! A more down to earth translation would be Bishu osafune I think.
  13. I have a drawer full of seppa and match one up for shape, color and thickness and add it to the stack. It took a couple of decades to collect them though. b
  14. It appears to me to be a reasonably well made sword considering the era in which it was made. Is John Slough continuing to collect oshigata? Maybe he has other examples.
  15. And often the rust can be localized in the monouchi when a sword is stored in a damp place standing up for a prolonged period. My only wonder is when it might have been polished and by whom? If it is rust pitting, then it has had a polish after its original polish. If that is true, then it should not be ububa. Is it sharp in the first inch or two of the cutting edge above the habaki?
  16. Seems pricy for a showato, eh? Made me think about hauling out one or two that I have. If they bring that kind of money, I could get a nice koto for the proceeds! I haven't checked, but is there anything special about Ujifusa?
  17. Thanks guys. Grey, I agree that the price figures in a huge amount of risk, even if the F-K contain solid gold rather than utsuri. I doubt it can be a wakizashi, since I estimate the cutting edge to be about 70 cm+. Steve, I'm not sure it has a yokote - it looks to me to be shobu zukuri-like in shape. Anyway, I might have taken a flyer on it at a fraction of the price, but am still curious as to what it is likely to be, and how old it may be. Cheers, Bob
  18. Hi All. I am curious about this sword that just sold on Ebay. It seems a bit slender, but is it possible that it is a Nagamaki naoshi? I would appreciate the advice of those more knowledgeable than me on this. Happy New Year! Bob http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... _500wt_898
  19. You are absolutely right Mark. It was a zero feedback bidder that won the high bid, so I suspect that we may see it again unless the underbidder gets a "second chance" offer. B
  20. A sword just went for $5300 on ebay, and it looks gimei to me. The tada and yoshi characters don't seem to match any of the generations that I found examples of. Any opinions? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 500wt_1156
  21. Ford, I just viewed the videos and found them utterly inspiring and amazing. You are truly a great artist and your patience and skill are humbling. Congratulations on mastering the highest level of the art! Bob
  22. Does George Hakes really exist or is he a Fakenman from Fakenham?
  23. Just finished the Nakahara book after reading the discussion on NMB. A great read and very informative. As far as his attitude about mumei blades and osuriage, I have to say that his comments were a little inconsistent. He seemed to be saying that nobody would cut down a sword with a mei on it without making an orikaeshi or an inlaid mei, but then elsewhere seemed to be aware that during muromachi there was not so much concern over collecting or honoring makers so much as there was focus on the use of the swords as tools. It's easy to see how one might cut down a sword and not bother about the mei. I loved his discussion about changes in the shape of the nakago, especially when a signed blade was cut down.
  24. Surfson

    new nihonto

    Looks a bit tired too - I think I see a lot of shintetsu in a couple of the photos.
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