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  1. Bob, Good times as always. Thank you for organizing this show.
  2. nihonto1001

    New Koshirae

    Very nice Darcy. Brian does an amazing job. Looking forward to seeing it on nihonto.ca.
  3. I had similar problems with the NTHK-NPO, 2014 Shinsa. In a nutshell, they had issued incorrect papers, with the nakago of my Yokoyama Sukehira Katana, on a tanto's kanteisho. My problem is not with the NTHK-NPO, after all, we all make mistakes. My problem is with the way their delegate handled the situation. That is why they will never get any more of my business. However, much respect for Mr. Miyano Teiji, a true sword Sensei.
  4. This is Jon Healy, I am helping out with the Orlando Japanese Sword Show website: http://www.japaneseswordshow.com/orlando/. I would like to catalog this year's event with many photos. So, if you are attending, feel free to post your pics on the Orlando Japanese Sword Show Facebook page, or here on NMB (better). I will incorporate the better pics into the website.
  5. Here are some of the great events being planned for the Orlando Japanese Sword Show, June 17th-19th: http://www.japaneseswordshow.com/orlando/schedule-of-events/ Would you like to attend? Just click on the page for details.
  6. Hi Tim: I am sure you can make arrangements with Bob Elder, or Mike Yamasaki, himself. Bob's contact info is on the site. Mike's website link can be found on the Events page here: http://www.japaneseswordshow.com/orlando/schedule-of-events/ I will also be at the show, and will be happy to assist. Jon, 561-201-6500.
  7. until
    Come one, come all, to what could be everything you want in a Japanese Sword Show.
  8. Hi Pete- Bob asked me to add you to the Table Holder page, so he must have received notification. Please contact him directly, via phone (on website), to confirm. I look forward to seeing you there.
  9. This is going to be Epic. Pass it on... Mike Yamasaki, assisted by Joe Forcine: Kantei/Attribution/Evaluation Saturday, June 18th, 1:00-3:00. I am happy to announce that we will be attending this year's Orlando show, put on by my old friend, Bob Elder. In the spirit of continuing education around the hobby of collecting Japanese swords and fittings, I would like to offer a session in which guests can bring in one sword, or one fitting, and I will offer my personal opinion about their piece. I would like to limit the blades to pre-Meiji works. This will not be a shinsa, but rather an informal kantei/attribution to help owners learn more about their artifacts. My personal opinion in no way has any connection whatsoever with the NBTHK, or any of its branches. No fees will be charged, however, donations will happily be accepted and forwarded to the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund. Sincerely, M. Yamasaki www.tetsugendo.com Note: Please sign up ahead for an appointment with Bob Elder. There will be other great events: http://www.japaneseswordshow.com/orlando/schedule-of-events/
  10. The fuschi is also a kantei point for Nosada, AKA. 2nd Generation Kanesada. This would be a much more desireable attribution. He is considered one of the top smiths of the Muromachi Period.
  11. Commentary From Tsuneishi, forwarded by NTHK: Among the many Mino smiths, Zenjo Kaneyoshi is known for a very well-made sugata and beautiful workmanship. At first glance, one is reminded of the best quality Awataguchi works from Kyoto. On blades with regular Kyo-zori, the mihaba is a little bit thinner with a ko-kissaki and a feeling of a top quality sugata. He executed nioi-deki suguha: tight, thin nioi-deki suguha. The boshi looks like a usual Seki work: midare-komi, Oh-maru feeling with a shallow or short kaeri. Works with deep kaeri or kaku-tome kaeri are not seen. There are no works where there are significant activity of nie and nioi in the ha, which is in contrast to he Awataguchi school. In addition, he made works of Oe Bizen style with suguha. However, Oe Bizen suguha works feature yakihaba that is wider and the hasuji becomes smoky. Zenjo’s suguha, on the other hand, is a very tight nioi-guchi suguha. This is a kantei point. This is his specialty. His jihada is mokume-hada, tight and beautiful, and like other Mino works, has a black hue. Masame-hada does not appear in the ji; if it appears, which is rare, it is seen in the shinogi-ji. The Zenjo school – it is said that this group came from the Yamato Tegai smiths; first generation Kaneyoshi was a Yamato Tegai maker who signed Kaneyoshi (包吉). His given name was Seijiro, and having been a believer of the Hokke sect of Buddhism, had a Buddhist name of Zenjo(Zenryo) and belonged to …..temple that was located in the western part of Seki which at some point relocated to the center of Seki later. Among the mino-mono, his has the most beautiful sugata and has a very strong Yamato den influence. According to the Nihonto Meikan there are then at least 9 generations of Kaneyoshi smiths until the Bakumatsu period and the last Kaneyoshi who would become one of the men who sewed the seeds for modern sword-making.
  12. My issues with the prior NTHK-NPO Shinsa were made insipid by awe of Mr. Miyano's great resolve to lead the 2016 Shinsa. I greatly enjoyed the kantei he did on a few select swords.
  13. Here is a Yoshioka Tsuba. I was originally mounted on a first rate koshirae for a Hida no kami Ujifusa Katana. Since it is not the original koshirae, but more recently contrived, this tsuba now resides separate from the koshirae. The katana will eventually be sent for Juyo Shinsa.
  14. At the Tampa Sword Show, I was able to study one by the same smith, thanks to the benevolence of one of our members. It was the highlight of the show for me. Nice sword Nick.
  15. Here is the recently updated official Website: http://www.japaneseswordshow.com/orlando/ (all lower case if you are typing it in) If you are participating, please contact Bob Elder for details. Table prices and accommodations are very reasonable. If you have an item to sell, but cannot attend, please contact Bob, or me, for consignment options. The Events and Table Holders pages will be updated up until the date of the show. The location is perfect to include your family. Just minutes away from the theme parks and Disney (depending on who is driving:)
  16. This sword on my site was attributed to Zenjo Kaneyoshi: http://onihonto.com/zenjo-kaneyoshi-uchigatana/. I was hoping for a Nosada attribution, because of the fuschi, overall quality, and getting a chance to compare it to a signed/papered example. However, there is some good supporting information the Yoshikawa group gave on their attribution (see link for details). I was very satisfied with their commentary. They went above and beyond, in my opinion. I think, that although certain swords might fall outside of TH parameters, they are still deserving of high praise. Such may be the case with Kaneyoshi. Perhaps the NBTHK made an exception.
  17. Ford, thanks for putting this thread on the right track. That tsuba is incredible. I also googled Mitsuoki Otsuki. He and his students produced many fine works. He, in particular, seemed to work more in realism (as opposed to abstract), like the tsuba shows. Also, the incense burner seal is different from shoshin works. Franco, thanks for finding that tsuba. I did not see it when I did a web search. Beautiful work.
  18. Here is a very nice Kozuka that I picked up today. It came with a Kogatana, inscribed Uzumi no Kami Kunisada. The back of the Kozuka has an unusual carving of what appears to be an incense burner. I have never seen this before. It will eventually make its way to my website. Right now it is a study piece. Comments are welcomed, as they are always appreciated. Enjoy.
  19. I think many of these swords can be enjoyed in the patina they have earned over time.
  20. This sword is being reduced because there is another unrelated opportunity I would like to jump on. It is currently being listed on Ebay at $4000. If it sells here on the board, it is $3500. If that opportunity passes, so does this one. This sword comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, just send it back, after a 3 day inspection period. No questions asked. It would be a great shinsa candidate. http://onihonto.com/koto_bizen_tachi/ Feel free to look at some of my other listings. I always take care of fellow board members when I can. Any feedback on the site is greatly appreciated. (I overhauled it. Unfortunately, I lost significant google ranking.) Thanks.
  21. This katana was found in WWII Shingunto Mounts with wooden saya. The mei looks like Yasutsuna to me. However, I cannot find a matching mei. So, now I am second guessing. Can anybody shed some light on this smith? Any help is appreciated as always.
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