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  1. I've been desperately looking for a copy of Ise no toko for ages. Found it on tsuruginoya (https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/d00022.html), unfortunately they won't ship it overseas. Anyone willing to sell his copy or is any JP local willing to pick it up for me? Of course I will cover all the expenses. Best regards
  2. The mei is: Soshu ju Masashige Best regards
  3. Thank you again Moriyama-san. I agree they share some similarities at first sight, but on closer inspection they are clearly different. Best regards
  4. Thank you Jussi,John and Michael. I can only agree, it's a beautiful naginata
  5. Some more. By the way, the blade is 43.8cm long and the sori is about 2.5cm.
  6. Thank you very much Moriyama-san! Of course John. I just took some quick shots. Will do some better ones, once I find the time. Hopefully there are some details to see. In hand it is much more magnificent. A beautiful nie deki suguha based blade with some ashi and typical konuka hada.
  7. Thank you very much John. I am assuming this isn't the original shirasaya but rather a recap of an old sayagaki? I can imagine that "bestowed by an official of the nabeshima" is possibly true. The saya is decorated with a variation of the nabeshima kamon (myoga ( maybe the mentioned hideshima variant?)) For sure is that hizen was the place of action. Definitely had to be some time after the shimabara rebellion, since tadahiro received the omi daijo title in 1641. Will do further researching into the nabeshima clan. Best regards
  8. For our translators, even though most of it was fairly easy to read. This is what I got so far : Nabeshima ??? Naginata signed Hizen Kuni Ju Omi Daijo Tadahiro Hideshima Ie ( maybe a branch of the Nabeshima clan? ) ??? ( the rest exceeds my current skill level ) Best Regards
  9. I am not an expert on Naotane but comparing it to other signatures by him, my red flags are : - strangely chiseled - no kao Also the pictures don't let you judge the blade at all (except from the suguha hamon) I did not find any signatured without a kao or "stamp?" on the fly , but I could be wrong. For now I am sitting in camp gimei and imo you saved yourself some bucks for a better purchase.
  10. I found these interesting kao on a pair of seppa that belong to an old naginata koshirae. Not sure if this is better off in the tosogu section. Is anyone familiar with this kao? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. It's a good blade! I Like it, but didn't they usually sign " Bushu Shitahara..." ? Of course no rules without exceptions. I'm just curious. Any references? Please enlighten me.
  12. I think the signature appears to be kanehiro, but I might be wrong.
  13. My collection is missing a naginata, so i started looking for a descent one. Horimono ( especially bonji ) are very welcome. Time period -> the older the better. Budget -> ~5000$ Not looking for a specific school. Offers are welcome. Show me what you got! Greetings
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