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  1. It's a good blade! I Like it, but didn't they usually sign " Bushu Shitahara..." ? Of course no rules without exceptions. I'm just curious. Any references? Please enlighten me.
  2. I think the signature appears to be kanehiro, but I might be wrong.
  3. My collection is missing a naginata, so i started looking for a descent one. Horimono ( especially bonji ) are very welcome. Time period -> the older the better. Budget -> ~5000$ Not looking for a specific school. Offers are welcome. Show me what you got! Greetings
  4. I am looking for a copy of ise no toko. If you have one for sale, feel free to message me. Best Regards
  5. Looking for a katana with horimono. Simplicity works best for me so i prefer the ones with bonji characters. No specific smith in mind. Feel free to show me what you find/got. Cheers
  6. DMNK

    First Nihonto

    Here are a few more shot. I think there are some clearer ones. Details: length - 70,3 cm sori - 1,82 cm kasane - 0,56cm width at the hamachi/kissaki - 2,9cm/2,1cm Regards
  7. DMNK

    First Nihonto

    Thank you very much. Here are some additional shots including the sugata.
  8. DMNK

    First Nihonto

    Hey NMB members! The first Nihonto is always special I was looking for a blade with an interesting background history, rather than a high class flawless nihonto and this is what i got back then : a 70,3cm Katana signed Morihisa from the muromachi period. Even though it has tokubetsu kicho papers, i am doubtful of it's signature. I didn't find any reference to a niji mei Morihisa. Feel free to share your opinion. The hamon is choji and gunome midare mixed with suguha at the top. The hada is itame. It has a homare kizu on the mune ( maybe the interesting background history ) but it's still very catchy. Just wanted to share some quick shots of it. I will try to take pictures asap. The blade was accompanied by a simple black koshirae with a solid silver habaki. Enough talking. Enjoy Cheers Dominik
  9. Hello NMB members! I've been enjoying the board silently for quite a long time now. I think it's about time to introduce myself. After buying my first katana in Japan a few years ago, i fell in love with collecting nihonto and we all know the rest of the story right? Today my collection consists of 4 blades (3 koto, 1 shinto). Studying the Japanese sword has been really rewarding for me and you guys were part of it. Thank you! Still i feel like i am just at the beginning of a lifetime journey of learning. Anyway let's have a good time studying/discussing/collecting/admiring Japanese swords and other arts together! Dominik
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