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  1. Thank You.. Sold on e-bay.. Thanks for viewing everyone. Sincerely Alton Takata
  2. Thank you everyone.. for watching over me. Amazing, how ignorant I am among True Armor Enthusiast. And the good part, you guys look and provide valuable input to the inexperience "Newbie". (Going on 3 years) From my 1st. Chinese Armor that did not arrive looking anything like the photo I thought I was buying.. I will make the changes suggested. I am now getting in to Japanese Pottery. Another addition. Anybody got Rakuzan Crabs? Have a safe happy weekend.. Alton Older photo of my kabuto, with "wrong way" Horns..
  3. Hi Geraint, Yes, I guess it is called a reproduction, because it is not old. Maybe the mid late '90's? I know it is not real from the warring era..
  4. Hiroyoshi or Hiromi Articulated Lobster (Ise Ebi) Copper with aged patina. This is the most affordable, entry level , Jizai Okimono in pristine condition. "Like New" - Seems to be "New" "unsold"... I bought several from a Wholesaler. I think they are old inventory from an old Japanese Import Store. Approximately 12" Long , fully extended. I will sell only one for only $360.00 - Includes USPS Priority Mail / Insured . USA only, as, International will cost too much $$ for the Insurance. No disrespect intended. PayPal O.K. add 3% Contact: Alton Takata akt808@yahoo.com I live in Honolulu Hawaii Thank You for viewing..
  5. I finally bought a "real" Japanese Armor.. Not a "True" Japanese Armor, but, from Japan.. It was "affordable"... for me.. .. The Box is on a "Dolly", so I can move it around. Thanks for viewing.. Alton Takata aka Ken Kata
  6. Hi Brian, Thanks.. I'll go and research that.. Thanks for posting.. Alton
  7. Hello Jo, Amazing.. I was researching Muniyuki Myochin the other week, and, it lead me to your website. There, I saw the photo of you, Mr. Myochin and Mr. Fujimoto. And now, here I am conversing with you. How amazing is that.. There, I also sadly learned, about Mr. Myochin's passing.. I just bought another "ebi". This one is made by Mr. Myochin.. And, I am very proud to have one of his works.. Thanks for posting, and, congrats on your exciting work and dedication to Japanese Armor. Alton Takata
  8. Thank you Morita-san. My ignorance.. I don't know how I miss named it.. You're right.. I did see another one, and it was called "Ebi".. I'd hope to learn and use the proper terms and names. Thanks for the correction on both errors.. Alton
  9. Hello forum... I am trying to learn about Jizai Onimono and their makers. This is the Breast Plate of the "Crayfish" art piece I bought. May I please ask, can you help me with the name translation and who he was or family history? I have been searching the internet, but, there is only a few sites, and, most are about Onimono Auctions/for sale sites. Is there any sites that are dedicated to Jizai Onimono art work and enthusiast? I did not know where else to ask. Thanks for viewing.. Alton Takata - aka Ken Katana on the weekends
  10. Hello Forum Members, Ken, Sorry, I thought the link was going to show the Poster. Thanks for viewing.. Alton Ken
  11. Dave , guys, Thank You gentlemen... for your comforting words.. So Dave, you "work with" and collect Japanese Armor? So satisfying... Dave, can I come over to the UK and do my Apprenticeship with you? :D I recently watched the NHK channel's Horses of Fukashima, where, they have their Samurai Katchu and Horse Parade.. Was really sad and tragic that so many lost their Armor and other irreplaceable Treasures during the Tsunami... Sorry to get off track from the original post... Alton :D
  12. NIce armor Thomas and Justin.. Here is a photo of the Rüstung Art Kabuto.. Poorly aligned and looks like it was "Home Made" by a non professional.. I sent him this photo. Waste of time.. He already got me.. and, he calls me "My Friend"... Just beware.. Alton I removed his name.. I now thought it was not good to do..
  13. Thank You Justin, K.M. and Thomas.. I have to thank this post for getting me motivated to spray paint my Standing Stand. Here it is.... I was thinking of putting small Casters underneath the Base Plate for easy movement.. I wrap Black Towels around the shoulder/neck and the Hip area to simulate body mass. The Stand is about 5'10" tall...
  14. Actually, Japanese Armor is a luxury I can't afford.. I do come here to read and learn what I can. This the model (Same photo at least) I bought.... Link : http://www.samurai-store.com/armor/L027.html :D
  15. Thomas, I'm not offended... I know it's true... :D In the Photo they showed, it did look good.... They must be famous, I see that same photo used by others... I just wanted at least one armor, and, that was the most I would want to have spent.. After I got it, I knew I was in trouble.. It's poorly made, and the guy told me if I could fix the damages myself.. I still like it.. Looks awesome standing there, looking at me.. So let this be a lesson to you all..... don't be like me Warn your friends... :? Going to try and tweak-it-up after I paint the stand. Add filler into the kote, make sure I put the parts correctly , right K.M. :D Thomas, the Leather Pads on the lower part of the suneate faces the outside? Thanks.. Thanks guys. Alton :D
  16. Masahige- san, Thanks for the correction. (And you compliments on my Japanese Sword Room ) I guess now you all know I'm a newbie...
  17. Recently, I too, had to decide on making a Stand for my new "Big Horn" Armor suit. I decided on making is standing, so, the Armor would look more "Intimidating".. The vendor's seated box price was $500.00 for the box, so, I decided to make my own standing Stand (Instead of seated). I had all the wood and screws from previous projects.. Still gotta remove the armor and paint the stand, as, some of the wood was not painted.. Alton Ken :D
  18. Thank You Ken... Forum Members.... Last night was my 1st attendance with the Japanese Sword Society of Hawaii Member's. I was greated by Ken as I walked in!!!! What a gentleman and an honor to be approached by him.. I was introduced to the members that were there who were setting up the display stands/tables.. I felt so welcomed.. I felt like I knew them for years.. How's That!!!! :D The tables and display stand layout looks really good.. I believe this will be one of the most awesome Katana Shows I will get a chance to see.. It is an honor to be shown the Katanas of Private Collectors... I'd like to openly Thank them for such a rare and tremendous treat that many ( at least , me) will never get a chance to see.. Alton Ken
  19. Hello Forum , Hello Ken... See you this evening at the Soto Misson... Alton Ken Link : http://jssh.org/swordexhibition.html
  20. Hello Everyone.... I'm Alton K. I Just got approved to join the NMB Forums.. Thank you... I also joined the other popular Sword Forums that are on-line.. This is a new venture for me.. I always loved Katanas, and, the history, passion and feeling of " Pride in Ownership ".. Thanks for viewing.... Alton :D Thanks for moving me over to this "New Members" side.. :D At 1st, I posted this in the wrong section.. I was feeling bad to have posted this in the "General Discussion" side. Thanks Curran... Cool of you to post your welcome... I did see Bob's home Page.. I'd like to meet him someday..He got a lot of Historical Items.. Good to know there is a Katana Polisher here in Hawaii.. I'd like to meet more Katana enthusiast that live in Hawaii..
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