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Sincere Thanks


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Greetings, all!


I seldom visit the forum or post for that matter, but I wanted to publicly give thanks to all who assisted with a just-completed multi-year project.


Sincere thanks to my supportive family, the late Mr. Shinsato, Tagane Arts/Mr. Hastings, Sayashi.com/Mr. Tirado, Furukawa-san and especially the profoundly knowledgeable and giftedly skilled Mr. Robert Benson, who made it all happen.


大 : 備前國住長船七兵衛祐定

小 : 備前國住長船七兵衛尉祐定


I'll insert some photos, but I apologize in advance for my poor photograpy:











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Mr. Goldstein,


There's not much more than I can add, given my limited knowledge of Nihonto appreciation and collection. I'm primarily a sword practitioner rather than a collector. You might remember me as the unremarkable Kancho of the Hawaii Kendo Federation's Lihue dojo (Kendo and Koryu Iai/Batto). If I recall correctly, you and your wife are with Maeda-sensei at Kaifukan Dojo, correct?


Anyway, this project entailed polishing, saya/tsunagi construction, lacquering, tsukamaki, etc. by the previously named artisans. Daisho tsuba and menuki were Edo period items. Tsuka design and layout were to my specifications for "working" Nihonto, although I'd never practice with these.






Do you like the shika? I noticed on your signature that you're an NRA instructor. I've been a volunteer instructor and master instructor with the Hunter Education Program for 17 years, and have held NRA and IBEF certifications in addition to being a life-long hunter...so these tsuba are as close to perfect as I can imagine. There's some backstory on the blades, but I'd like to keep that personal/private.



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I'm happy that you remember that Linda & I train with Maeda-Sensei at Kaifukan Dojo. Your restoration is extremely well-done & is a true treasure. If you happen to visit Oahu with daisho in hand, I hope you will join us at our Japanese Sword Society meeting the first Sunday of each month; our members would definitely benefit from seeing the fruits of your multi-year labor. There are several who have planned similar restorations, but never seem to be be able to get started. I'm serving as VP this year, & will happily set you up as a monthly speaker any time you can make it.


I'm an NRA Life Member, & have taught basic rifle & pistol as well as personal protection courses, but find the katana & kodachi to be fine weapons for self-defense. Linda & I also study SMR jodo under Quintin Chambers-Sensei & thoroughly enjoy the jo & tanjo.




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Thanks, all!


Stephen: The decision was left to proffesional and artistic expertise/interpretation...although the older sashikomi was very nice, in my humble opinion. I'll share a few more photos (Dai):







Mr. Goldstein: I wouldn't mind attending a meeting sometime, but I'm not qualified to lecture on anything regarding Nihonto appreciation/collection. Maybe Bob could help if we were to feature this project someday. Where do you meet and at what time? Perhaps I can combine a trip to attend HKF Sunday morning Hombu Dojo Iai/Kendo keiko with a visit with your group.

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Good evening all,


I wonder, does the subject matter of the Tsuba relate to "Shika no Tone" (Distant cry of Deer)?


(Shika no Tone is a traditional shakuhachi piece that depicts the yearning calls of a stag trying to attract a doe in another valley.)






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thank you for sharing.It is a treat to see both types of polish on the same blade.And such beautiful blades at that.

I had to google Kancho and,,,well we learn something new every day. :)


As for the tsuba wow! Thanks for pointing out the theme Malcolm. I had an emotional moment after contemplating the relationship with this pair.

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