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  1. Thank you, sir. Anyone else?
  2. Greetings, everyone! Regarding this item: http://www.aoijapan.com/daisho-tsubasei ... ami-school I am looking for daisho tsuba for mounting. I like this theme, but I'm wondering why the designs are reversed on the dai and the sho and if this is generally acceptable. Anyone? I apologize for my lack of general knowledge. I'm primarily a sword practitioner, not so much a collector. Thank you.
  3. Ken, Aloha from Kauai! A couple years ago, I coordinated (brokered at no cost) the sale of the yari and naginata between a family friend and an anonymous Hawaii Kendo Federation nanadan sensei. The shafts (I apologize, but I don't have good close-up photos) were done very well. I'll try checking with him, and if he agrees, we'll set something up so that you can look at these pieces for guidance...if you'd be interested, that is. If you'd want to know more about that yari, I can post photos of the mei and origami or send via private message later. In case you want to see additional examples of abalone inlays, I'll post a couple photos my wife took several years ago in Japan while we visited with an old family sharing our surname and viewed their family and shrine collections.
  4. Thanks, all! Stephen: The decision was left to proffesional and artistic expertise/interpretation...although the older sashikomi was very nice, in my humble opinion. I'll share a few more photos (Dai): Mr. Goldstein: I wouldn't mind attending a meeting sometime, but I'm not qualified to lecture on anything regarding Nihonto appreciation/collection. Maybe Bob could help if we were to feature this project someday. Where do you meet and at what time? Perhaps I can combine a trip to attend HKF Sunday morning Hombu Dojo Iai/Kendo keiko with a visit with your group.
  5. Mr. Goldstein, There's not much more than I can add, given my limited knowledge of Nihonto appreciation and collection. I'm primarily a sword practitioner rather than a collector. You might remember me as the unremarkable Kancho of the Hawaii Kendo Federation's Lihue dojo (Kendo and Koryu Iai/Batto). If I recall correctly, you and your wife are with Maeda-sensei at Kaifukan Dojo, correct? Anyway, this project entailed polishing, saya/tsunagi construction, lacquering, tsukamaki, etc. by the previously named artisans. Daisho tsuba and menuki were Edo period items. Tsuka design and layout were to my specifications for "working" Nihonto, although I'd never practice with these. Do you like the shika? I noticed on your signature that you're an NRA instructor. I've been a volunteer instructor and master instructor with the Hunter Education Program for 17 years, and have held NRA and IBEF certifications in addition to being a life-long hunter...so these tsuba are as close to perfect as I can imagine. There's some backstory on the blades, but I'd like to keep that personal/private. Aloha!
  6. Greetings, all! I seldom visit the forum or post for that matter, but I wanted to publicly give thanks to all who assisted with a just-completed multi-year project. Sincere thanks to my supportive family, the late Mr. Shinsato, Tagane Arts/Mr. Hastings, Sayashi.com/Mr. Tirado, Furukawa-san and especially the profoundly knowledgeable and giftedly skilled Mr. Robert Benson, who made it all happen. 大 : 備前國住長船七兵衛祐定 小 : 備前國住長船七兵衛尉祐定 I'll insert some photos, but I apologize in advance for my poor photograpy:
  7. Congratulation, sir! I have a multi-year daisho restoration/re-mounting project with Robert Benson, and seeing yours helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel. BTW, when not in the steel safe, my nihonto are displayed showing the ura side, just like yours. I've heard the peace/war explanation before, but haven't paid much heed to that. As a kenshi practicing and instructing Kendo and Koryu kenjutsu, the ready position is the preferred position to me. Opinions may vary among sensei and styles, however. Also, yari are stored with the blade facing the nearest door or path in/out of the house.
  8. Thank you to everyone for the posts and PM's thus far. It's great to read and consider your input and opinions. -E. Ushio
  9. Greetings. I'm seeking higher opinions on two items. Although first introduced to Nihonto in my youth, I've always been more of a Kendo/Kenjutsu/Batto practitioner rather than a collector or Nihonto enthusiast. As such, more informed opinions would be most appreciated. First of all, regarding the NTHK (NPO) origami attached below, in short, I find it very unusual and almost unbelievable that my mumei wakizashi was recently attributed specifically to Yosozaemon Sukesada, Daiei era. How much weight does this NTHK (NPO) origami hold relative to NBTHK or NTHK (Yoshikawa)? PM responses are okay. Secondly, I have a Koto sankaku/omi yari signed é•·å‰ (Chokichi or Nagayoshi), supposedly a Yamashiro blade, ayasugi-hada, suguha hamon, uncut. If anyone with expertise would be so kind as to make an informed estimate of which Chokichi/Nagayoshi this would most likely be attributed to (as well as era), I'd love to hear your thoughts. PM's are fine again if you don't want to post in the open. It was probably foolish of me, but not wanting another yari (already having this one), I recently passed up on a Kawai Hisayuki chidori jumonji yari (Keio 2) from a friend's private collection and instead helped facilitate its sale to a 3rd party Kendo sensei friend. I apologize in advance for any errors with this post, as it's my first time using this medium. I hope the photos display properly. Thank you in advance for any assistance provided. -E. Ushio
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