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Remove surface rust from a Wakizashi


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Hi there,

Ive got a fairly low quality Wakizashi that until recently had a pretty good shine, I probably should have oiled it, but now all of a sudden one side has gone fairly rusty.
The sword is not worth enough to get a proper polish, is there any other way, or a guide to remove this surface rust easily?
Any help is appreciated, Thanks

PXL_20240122_024502941 (Custom).jpg

PXL_20240122_024456716 (Custom).jpg

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I would just alternate oiling it and wiping it down a few times to see if that calms the rust down.  Not sure what you mean by it having a “pretty good shine”, but shiny isn’t always good.  If it was done with metal polish or a similar non-traditional method, that is not a good thing.  If you have access to good quality uchiko, and know how to use it, some light treatments might also help, but could also do more damage.


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Well, the blade  is not  in pristine polish. So  i would  say, oil it,  wipe and  than uchiko. Do this  for an  long, long time and  the rust  will mostly  disappear.  It needs  patience.Far  as  i can see the rust  ist superficial  and  new, should  work well. 


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