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eBay Kyu Gunto with Sakura Chuso Release

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The blade itself has some seriously damaged geometry in my eyes: lack of a hamachi entirely, yokote is gone, kissaki rounded off, the hamon may run off the boshi as well.

The nakago appears greatly messed with too and the patination either appears missing or otherwise compromised. Something is off about the bohi too... just can't quite place my finger on it.


My best guess is that someone had an empty kyu gunto koshirae and shoe-horned a very rusty blade into it.

I'd pass on this one!

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There not " compressed " as you call it, in what i think you mean by as in reduced by a hard suriage, having the nakago reshaped and reducing the thickness???



Its just very very poorly finished . Very very suspicious. I wouldn't touch it with your pole suspicious. 


Chrome plated or literally puffed and polished on a wheel to a inche of its life 

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20 hours ago, lonely panet said:

A maurata, would have had the fitting made to suit the sword. Not that other way round. 


Because it should have been its first mounting 

The Type 19 was regulation until the Type 94 came around in 1934, and the Type 98 in 1938. Earliest Murata swords were made in the late 1880's to 1890's. During those 30-40 years, there were multiple conflicts and wars this could have been used. My thoery on this one is that it began life with the threaded end on the nakago, and the mountings were damaged...possibly also damaging the threaded portion as well. Thoery again, the threads were removed, nakago reshaped, and remounted prior to 1934. See pic below of a Murata with the threads.


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