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hello folks, thank you in advance for your knowledge and time. I have a set of fittings and the Kodzuka blade is signed Bizen kuzuke daijo fujiwara sukesada I believe. can anyone help correct or confirm the mei or validate this please? im a little rusty on mei as im just picking it back up.   also I have some fittings over in the Tosogu section im trying to get ideas on school and period. if any of you folks would be so kind to skip over to that post and have a peek please and give me your input. i would greatly appreciate your knowledge.  im not getting any feedback on them . ive included a couple pics of fitting to show quality of the Kodzuka.  thank you very much .  







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thank you very much Dominik, I really appreciate your confirmation.  what generation do you think this would be 6th? or if anyone else has an opinion please tune in. I also found mei on the fuchi kashira, not sure how i missed it. im having a go at that right now with slow progress if anyone wants to lend a hand or have a go at it id be very greatful. nothing else has mei i doubled checked. here is a pick 


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