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Sword Collecting in China?

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I am interested in getting to know some sword collectors in China. Building access with China's sword collecting community (there MUST be one - or more likely,  many) will have to be good for Japanese sword collectors. It also promises to be fun and informative.

But how might that be achieved? There must be some interest in swords in China. And there must certainly be swords in China. Come out, come out, where ever your are!

Does NMB have any Chinese members? Are there communities and organizations we might join? And I would be very interested in acquiring literature on Chinese weapons.


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   Chinese collectors buy Japanese and Chinese swords from all over the world. Many type 95 NCO swords, Mantetsu, and Yasukuni swords went to China, that's one of the reasons the price of those swords keep going up. They only buy and don't sell. 
   Nowadays many Chinese(not all of course) don't like people from other countries, especially Americans, they think China and Russia are the greatest. Most collectors don't like to share their knowledge with others.
   There are only very few sword books written by Chinese, the collectors in China check Ohmura's website, and use Dawson&Fuller's book(Pirate  Chinese version)also Japanese sword books for reference.


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