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Tsuba Hakogaki


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Did my homework, but wasn't quite able to finish it :-) Any help would be greatly appreciated!


六花形 赤銅 魚る地
Mutsu kikka-gata shakudo niru? ji (where the niru is confusing me, maybe I got the kanji wrong?)

高彫 色絵 x x 也
takabori iroe x x nari

無銘 古美濃 (中期室町)
Mumei Ko-Mino (Chūki Muromachi) 


昭和 x x 年 x x
Showa year (can't really find the right sexagenary cycle, doubting between a few)

Kanzan shirusu + double seal


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六ッ花形赤銅魚子– mutsubana(rikka)-gata, shakudo, nanako-ji,

高彫色絵名鐔– takabori, iroe, meitan(excellent tsuba) nari,

無銘古美濃 室町中期 – mumei, ko-Mino, Muromachi chuki,

昭和丗九年初冬 – Showa 39th year, early winter,

寒山誌 – Kanzan wrote.

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Big thank you to both of you! I really couldn't find those last few kanji - although I did have 子地 in my earlier tries, I switched to る地 because it seemed a better fit.
As you both undoubtedly know - you're real credits to this forum! I'll make a small donation in your honor.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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