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What did others think?

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Good buy, interesting little bohi, good enough condition to appreciate.  Does look muromachi.  Interesting that the tsuba was black and the raising looks colored if that's not just aged grime.


If I had seen that it's one I would have taken a stab at.

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Adam, if it is Nambokuchi then somebody may have made a good purchase. However my feeling is Murmomachi. Mekugi Anas all look to be drilled, not punched. Blade has O Kissaki but looks to be to slenderr for a stronbg Nambokucho Sugata. Also a bit short. At first glanced I thought it to be a pretty old thing but the more I looked the more I would want to think it is mid to late Muromachi periode. Mumei / O Suriage Muromachi does not make for a reasonable restoration project as a general rule.

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5 hours ago, Surfson said:

Not touching that one Luis.  Collectors care about length, without doubt!

Interesting thesis.
But not mine. Sure, everyone has their preferences and that's fine.

But what is more beautiful in this hobby than when your heart is filled with joy when you can study an excellent blade, even if it would be so Ooooo-suriage.


As for this blade in particular, you would have to be able to examine it personally with your own eyes if you want to dare a restoration project.
Then one should be clear why one wants to do the project with all its risks.
Are you willing to invest more money than the restored blade would be worth on the market, because the quality of the blade convinces you and should become part of your own collection?

Or do you play poker and invest in the blade in order to earn a bonus at the end of the sale?

Well, in that case, this blade would be unfit! Because even if after a restoration a roaring beautiful Nanbokucho sword would be the result - bad luck - the serious collector would be the sword much too short!:glee:


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Hi Luis,


sorry to hijack this thread - the board says you can't receive messages.


I apologize for not answering, work and health issues :-(.


Please get in touch if you are still interested in the wakizashi we talked about.

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