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Opinion on possible purchase


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I would really like to hear opinions about the following swords,the first one is a daisho set by "Seto Yoshihiro" a Mukansa smith in his late 70,s by now.What make,s this daisho

set relatively (cheap) for a mukansa smith?Is it that he became a mukansa in 1996 and that he made the daisho set in the same year 1996?If it was made in let,s say 1997 and onward it would be more expensive?The set looks very nice with a perfect polish,i do however asked the seller for,some pictures in day light,but got a reply that he could not provide additional pictures.



Second one is a tachi from "Shoji Yoshihara" also Mukansa and younger brother of Yoshindo Yoshihara also in his late 70,s.This blade has a beautiful choji hamon and is significantly more

expensive if you put in account this is just 1 blade and the Yoshihiro is a daisho set.asked the seller for some additional pictures but havent got a response yet, probably because the weekend.




I have searched the the internets for some comparison swords on these swordsmiths, so i could compare some prices but could not find much to compare with.

Maybe there are some alternatives in about the same price or cheaper that you know of, please let me know.


Thanks for your help.








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Yes Michael the pictures are top notch, maybe the Seto Yoshihiro daisho set is more price friendly, because the katana has not as much activity as the wakazashi. 

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Kuniie  - Yoshihara Soji is the older brother :) 

Another blade he made https://www.toukenkomachi.com/index_en_tachi&katana_A090818.html 

He is also the swordsmith in the "The last Samurai" movie.


I dont know much about Seto Yoshihiro but i read that thread yesterday


For the price i think the year when he became a mukansa wont mean much, some (dealers?) say they put more effort in the blades for the contests to become mukansa.


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Thanks great topic about that tanto, very nice piece. 


Shin-sakuto are just not that populair, but one day also the modern swords will be old swords. We would wish to be able to see  some koto swords in their prime, with  modern sword we can. 

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